Diyarbakir, Book fair, ceremony in the salita and dinner


Hello Peter,

thank you very much for the things you send and inspiring letters, as well as the pictures, it seems that everyone had a great time.

I am sending you some pictures of the past days, where, like I said, we went to the book fair to distribute some flyers of the Healing of Suffering and to talk to some friends of  Hüseyin and  Yüksel, who were all very kind.
A the fair, a friend of  Yüksel working at a stand, liked Silo's Message and we set a date for tomorrow to have tea.

Soon after we arranged a table and chairs for the salita, bought some plates and food to prepare dinner. 
Like I said, we prepared the salita and left it ready for the ceremony. I am also attaching some pictures of the ceremony and dinner.
The ceremony was led by Kader, who is new, but likes it and we've already seen her three times, she came to dinner the other night as well and helped make dinner, where  Yüksel is the always the master of the kitchen.
We were Hüseyin, Yüksel, Kader, Dr.Umit and Bahar (a friend of Handan).

We were looking at the book of the Parks, which everyone liked and they arranged next week with  Hüseyin to continue ceremonies and talking. Surely they will be very happy when you come. 
We gave the materials we printed of the Principles, the Path and the flyer of the Healing of Suffering which Alvaro prepared.

Dr. Umit talked a lot with  Hüseyin  yesterday, they enter a kind of conversational "trance" they seem to enjoy very much, although I cannot understand what they say.
In the meantime we laughted a lot with  Yüksel and Kader.

21 Mayo, ceremony and dinner

Hello Peter,

Like I commented, today Mehtap couldn't come like we had arranged because a member of her family departed and Altug is in Istanbul. So we did a ceremony of Well Being for her, her family member, for Zeynep's mother and for you, so that you can have lot's of energy in your knees.
Yüksel guided the ceremony, very well and a very beautiful atmosphere was created.
Bülent, Olçay, Zehra, Fatos, Handan, Zeynep, Yüksel, and Yüksel's friend, Mustafa attended, as well as another friend of Zehra's, Devrim, who joined for dinner and was at the women's conference the other day, it seems she is the president of one of the associations.
Everything very light and the people very happy.
Tomorrow we arranged with Zehra and Fatos to record some ceremonies.
Also tomorrow we will start organizing the printing of Silo's Commentaries to the Message in Turkish like I commented and some more materials we will use for the tours.
I hope that coming back from Diyarbakir, that is Monday or Tuesday, we will have everything ready to take to Istanbul, where Jonturk will help us prepare a presentation for Kadikoy's IMGE bookstore, on the 3, 4, and 5th at 14h. It's a place close to home and to Jonturk's job.
After tomorrow we will go with Yüksel to Diyarbakir, where we will meet Hüseyin and will participate in Diyarbakir's book fair, as well as doing some ceremonies with Hüseyin's friends. I will call the persons I met there during the World March and we'll see what happens.
I hope to be able to talk to Mehtap tomorrow and contact this Alevi person who wants to help us with the presentations in Antalya.
Here are some pictures of today, as usual, taken with the mobile so they're not very good, but they can give an idea of the atmosphere.Un fuerte abrazo

Meeting about women

(leer en español)

Dear Peter,

like I mentioned, today they had invited us to participate in a panel about woman in Turkey... co-present it dealt with violence against women, discrimination, etc. ... which was not on the poster.

So the representatives of health and education trade unions, as well as the Eskisheir doctor, a poet and a Kurdish member of Parliament, described the situation, with statistics and example which gave an idea of the magnitude of this discrimination and suffering experienced by a large percentage of women. The panelists stated that the problem was political and educational and that if the system changes, violence will disappear, which we know is not like that, since the human intention does not appear in its real importance and it is not considered that mental suffering cannot be fixed by the Ministry of Health, Justice or the Economy.
On our side, we tried to focus on the issue on the side of the origin of violence, having co-present the Healing of Suffering and the proposal of the ceremony of Recognition.
We spoke last, maybe because we were the only man, but we talked, so that after almost 4 hours, better to be brief and explain the issue from our point of view in a brief but clear manner.
You will surely receive some photos, I still haven't received them and I could take pictures since I was in the panel.

There were more than 100 persons there, among them our friends Bülent, Olçay, Yusuf, Altug, Handan, Zehra, Yüksel and Mustafa so it was interesting for them as well and they liked what we said, even though they were more familiar with the ceremony of Recognition and our themes.
We distributed the pamphlets with the Healing of Suffering which Alvaro designed and Yüksel printed and distributed to those present, so maybe someone will be interested.
We agreed with some to have tea and chat, as well as with some young people (a girl and two boys) who were interested in inviting us to see many of their friends, since they are in a political party and want to know our point of view, but since there were too many people which we were greeting and couldn't concentrate on them, Yüksel will find them.

Well, soon after we went with some of the panelists to Yusuf's office, where we continued having tea and talking, some very into the political issues, on what must change, without asking themselves on the origin of violence.
Then Yuksel invited us to see some friends of his village (Varto) and we went together with Altug. They invited us to a barbecue and finally we went to another celebration in a café with the family, had tea and listened to Alevi and Kurdish music.

A day with many variables, very relational with many greeted persons.
We agreed that on Monday in the salita-house we will see Mehtap who is arriving from Bursa and with Handa and the others, surely we will have dinner together and do some ceremonies.

Un fuerte abrazo

Ankara (May 2012)

(leer en español)
Dear Peter

after having stayed some days in Istanbul where I fixed the residency and other pending issues, as well as greeting friends, known and new, where we did some ceremonies, we travelled to Ankara.

When I arrived, Altug was waiting for me at the train station, with an excellent emotional tone, very happy to be together again and we went to the salita-house, we bought some things in the market for later, since we had informed everyone that we would be there in the afternoon and we would like to have tea and greet them.

So a while later after arriving home and preparing tea with Altug, Zehra arrived and soon later Handan and her cousin,  Yüksel, Aylin & Yusuf.
Mehtap called, she was travelling in Bursa and we will see each other when she comes back.
Handan asked if we would do ceremonies, so after having tea together and seeing the news, we did a Service and a Well-Being ceremony, where, among other friends, we asked for your knees that they may support you on the tours and that you find yourself with lots of energy. Everyone loves you very much and they ask when you are coming, they say they miss you and were very interested in the tours and the meeting of the Message in Attigliano.

So we are preparing the list with the passport numbers and names of all of them, to see if we can obtain a VISA from June 20 to August 20. This way, they could travel to the meeting in Attigliano on the last week of June, as well as visiting the parks Mikebuda, Pravikov and Schlamau in the first two weeks of August. Surely our Italian, Hungarian, Czech and German friends can send an invitation to them, inviting them to participate in some events of the Parks of Study and Reflection, so maybe we will manage that they all obtain a VISA
Everything seems fine with them and they are obtaining their passports, those who didn't have one, like Yusuf and Huseyin, we are seeing how Zehra can organize this, since all of the others are quite animated. In Istanbul, both Jonturk and Deniz are also excited about coming, we still have to talk to Dilek, Guner and some others.

Well, tomorrow Yusuf, Bulent & Yüksel organized a panel-conference on the issue of women in Turkey, on discrimination and violence, I am attaching the flyer they made.
I will update the bills and see if can print some leaflets on the Healing of Suffering and give Yüksel the files to print the Comentaries to Silo's Message in Turkish, which according to Altug is a good translation. Alvaro is editing the text and graphics and when it is ready we will print it.

Hülya also called me so that tomorrow morning we will meet the president of the Alevis, at their association to see if we can do something together, so I will tell you how it goes. I will give them a book of the Message in Turkish.

A big hug