28 agosto 2013 Ankara


Oggi cerimonie nella ‘salita’, in turco e in italiano (su richiesta di 
Ayman) con Aylin e Ayman.
Poi siamo andati all’ardic cafè dove avevamo appuntamento con Aysè che 
è tornata da una settimana di vacanza. Era molo contenta di rivederci, 
ma purtroppo ci ha detto che ripartirà fra pochi giorni per un lungo 
periodo, di uno o due mesi.
Poi con Ayman abbiamo incontrato Aysu (che non conoscevo) un’amica di 
Aylin, che conosce anche Peter. Saluta tutti gli amici.
Un forte abbraccio a tutti. Claudio

Today we made ceremonies in the 'salita' in turkish and Italian (upon 
request by Ayman) with Aylin and Ayman.
Then we went to ardic cafe where we had an appointment with Ayse’ who 
has returned from a week holiday. She was very happy to meet us again, 
but unfortunately she told us she will travel again in a few days for 
a long period (one or two months).
Then with Ayman, we met Aysu (I met her just today) a friend of Aylin, 
who knows also Peter.
A big hug. Claudio

Hoy hicimos ceremonias en la salita, en turco e italiano (a solicitud 
de Ayman) con Aylin y Ayman.
Luego fuimos al ardic cafè donde teníamos una cita con Ayse’ que ha 
regresado de unas vacaciones de una semana. Estaba muy feliz de 
encontrarnos, pero desafortunadamente nos dijo que viajarà otra vez, 
al cabo de unos días durante un largo período, de uno o dos meses.
Luego con Ayman nos encontramos con Aysu (que no conocia antes) una 
amiga de Aylin, que conoce tambien a Peter. Envia un afectuoso saludo 
para todos los amigos.
Un fuerte abrazo para todos. Claudio

Istanbul ceremony 24 of August

Dear Friends!

Today Christophe has arrived to Istanbul:) During the day was so hot again and I prefered to stay at home and to study! For the evening we went to the salita. I didn't called people this time, as I was courious who would come without any invitation. Around 18.00 pm we went to the salita, and we found Katibe having some chats with Christophe already. Soon Sule, one of my turkish friends whom I got to know in Hungary by Hüseyin arrived.
Than I got a phone call from Gonca that she would come, but she can't stay, just would like to talk to me for 5 minutes if I can go down. Of course! So she arrived and brought me a wonderfull gift! A beautifull papucs:) ( slipper) but really nice. I was supprised and touched and ashamed by her generosity. Than she had to leave and we agreed that when she is coming back from her trip she will call!

We had some coffee and soon Canan has arrived. The kitchen seemed smaler than before, but everybody prefered to stay. It was nice mood and I made a cay. We had some funn together. Finally two french friends had arrived after a little city seeing as they went to Kazasker the area, as the people said them, instead of Kazasker the street. So after many chat again Hüseyin proposed to make a ceremony. Everybody came to the bigger room and we set and than the ring started to rang. Ok, so that's why we had to wait for so long to start the ceremony! ( we thought)
Jöntürk has arrived! We were so happy to meet him! After greet him,we made the ceremony, The Service. Hüseyin choosed the part for the meditation from the Book, of the introduction part of the Principles. Than Jöntürk made the Wellbeing. And than the third ceremony of the turkish ceremony. It was very special the experiences. Than we had again cays and chocolates from Christophe and Katibe got phone call that two of her friends would like to visit us. And she asked me if they could come..because the Ceremonies already finished, but of course and we can make ceremonies still if they want. So 10 minitues later they arrived. The girl and her boyfriend who I we met two days ago. I asked them if they would like to drink, eat anything, but the guy ( Genk) said, no, just smiling people. Ok so we were really similing through the whole evening, because the mood sometimes really went until laud laughters.

All went sometimes very chaotic, lot of people in different topics but with lot of joy and friendship. Here you can forget everything about controlling ( I thought in me) and just let go and trust that everything goes very well.
Again there was around 23.30 and we started to accompany Jean Michel and Mounira to the port to reach their last ferry to the European side, where they are staying. Christophe, Canan and me went for this walk with them.
While leaving the salita seemed most of the people left with us and by the invitation of Canan some are agreed to meet tomorrow morning to have a breakfest together in Moda at the seaside in a very nice place. Also I invited them for the evening as two hungarian friends will arrive from Budapest. So after saying ggod bye to our french friends we were walking back to the salita slowly and Christophe and Canan talked and Canan said that this evening was very good for her hands ( she has some problems with her hands now) and fro her heart too. Also I saw the people left the salita more happy than they have arrived. I felt something happened with them, something changed for a while and creatied joy.
Now I can write just this, briefly, but there are much more sofisticated things in the air, which I can not share by words.
big hugs,

Istanbul 23 August

Dear Friends,

This week was more calm with nice experiences. My closest accompaniment ( my seviour:) is Katibe here. She is calling me almost everyday and we meet quite often. Sometimes she is visiting us at home we have cay and some chat together. She try to teach me some turkish ( but I was very lasy this week) even I don't study when I'm on the street I can hear people are talking and many words are already in my head, but without meaning:) 
Yesterday I was at home doing my works and reading my lovely books and I was lost in space and time between ancient teachings and history. Than in the evening I was with my hungarian communty ( as Wedensday is our meeting day) through skype. It was very nice! During the day when I went for some shoping while I was walking home, suddenly I met with Ufuk who was visiting one of his friends. It was so nice to meet with somebody on the street in Kadiköy, who I know! Very strange and new experince! We had just some few words and he was runing to somwhere else and i invited him for Saturday. Than I returned. Katibe phoned me as she was worrying about me if everything is fine. 
I agreed with Katibe that we will meet today. Today she came to our home and after having a coffee we were talking about the importance of to say thanks for the moment you feel a big peace inside of you. later we talked about the Upanisads and Bhagavad Gita and Zarathustra. After this went to the seaside in Moda to meet with her friends. There were a girl and her boyfriend who I got to know in the salita already when we celebrated Katibe's birthday last time when most of you were here too. So the girl speaks pretty good english and we had some cay and we talked about turkish woman situation and about her utopy. Her boyfriend set next to our table with the owner of the place and his friends and suddenly I heared the name of Silo. I though maybe I'm hallucinating, but than again and again. I asked the girl if I heared his boyfriend is talking about Silo. She said: Yes. He is explainig to the other about Silo and that we have met through this group of Silo. So chats was going on, than we had to leave with Katibe. While I said good bye to everybody the boyfriend of this girl mentioned to me that all his friends like Silo and Silo's people. I was supprised! What he could talk about? So I invited tehm to our Saturday meeting and promised to the owner next time I can bring one book of Silo translated to turkish. He was very much supprised about this news that Silo has a book in turkish. 
big hugs,

Week past very fast at Istanbul

Dear Friends!

The week past very fast, with meeting with friends and farewell, which I experienced not so easy, but I get use to it. Istanbul is really a big transit! But noone can leave without important experiences, at least this is what I have experienced in these days.
So except of hot, I really enjoy the time here. I'm studying something everyday and I started to study soome turkish and try to find out my daily surviving routins as well. Interesting!
This week our flat was full with guests. It was nice, but I felt I need some rest now! I always find myslef cooking and hosting people, which I like but sometimes too much. But here they are doing the people always and permanent!

So yesterday I decided to phone some of our turkish friends to inite them for our weekly meeting for today. I contacted everybody whom I got to know in the last some weeks. To be honest I wasn't so hopefull about it, because I knew most of the people are on holiday or planing to go for a holiday. But I could talk to some friends. It was nice anyway and I felt very good after! Today we had a quite busy day at home with some guests again, but than we went to the salita with Hüseyin and slowly people arrived. At the end there were Canan, Ahmet, Ufuk, Gonca, Iyit, Jöntürk, Hüseyin and me.
There we started with making cay and having some chats. Than we both the airplain ticket for Canan to Budapest for the inaguration of the Fontain in Mikebuda Park. Iyit helped to buy it on the aircompany's website. Finally we could manage it! Juhu!:) She is coming to Budapest!:) Than Jöntürk arrived very tired and he asked to make ceremonies. Before doing it I asked them if they would like to read the part from the Book, of Guidence to the Inner Road. So we did. Than Hüseyin mentioned some other books from Silo related to this topic and gave a little context about this allegoric way of expression.  Than we made a Service and a Well-Being and the turkish ceremony.
After that Canan, Ahmet and Ufuk left. We stayed in the kitchen with Gonca, Jöntürk, Iyit, Hüseyin and me and an incredible chat has started.

I can not really tell everything but we touched some points with interesting experiences with the "something "than about Silo, and than the quantum physics and many things about the energy, the coherence, the death and life, the importance of having experiences. It was very inspiring for all of us!
In a certain moment I felt really greatfull for this moment, to be together with these people in this little kitchen in Asia. With these friends. I felt that I found friends here whom we can share our ideas and experiences about the most important things in this life.
big hugs,

Da Ankara, 14 de agosto 2013

in questo periodo quasi tutti gli amici sono in vacanza fuori Ankara.
Negli ultimi giorni ho aiutato Aylin a fare il biglietto per Budapest 
e a organizzare la richiesta del visto.

Oggi abbiamo fatto il biglietto per Budapest per Aylin, Katibe e 
per il 12 settembre
wizzair volo W6 2398
partenza da Istanbul (Saw)
arrivo a Budapest (Bud)
h 11.50 Terminal 2

Oggi alle cerimonie e' venuto solamente Ayman (Aylin e' dovuta andare 
a casa della nonna che sta peggiorando, domani la riporteranno 
Ayman e' stato molto contento di fare le cerimonie in italiano. Ha 
detto che ha capito molto meglio il testo e il significato delle 
cerimonie. Poi abbiamo potuto interscambiare su molti argomenti 
interessanti come la contraddizione e l'unita' interna, il principio 
di solidarieta ('Quando tratti gli altri come vuoi essere trattato, ti 
liberi'), la Forza, la possibilita' di 'caricare' persone e oggetti 
con la Forza (Cap. XVI dello Sguardo interno: Proiezione della Forza), 
commenti su alcuni riti e cerimonie dell'Islam, ecc.

Abbiamo anche scoperto un piccolo (ma importante) errore di traduzione 
nella versione inglese del libro del Messaggio: nella cerimonia di 
benessere invece di tradurre '...anche se non sono qui nel nostro 
tempo e nel nostro spazio...' e' stato tradotto: '...nel nostro tempo 
o (invece di ' e ') nel nostro spazio...' cosa che potrebbe fare 
riferimento (come Ayman aveva inizialmente capito) per esempio a 
persone che semplicemente stanno vivendo in altri luoghi, in altre 

(sarebbe comunque molto utile avere a disposizione molte copie del 
libro del Messaggio in inglese nella 'salita' perche' non poche 
persone, soprattutto tra i giovani, parlano e capiscono abbastanza 
bene l'inglese in Ankara)

insomma Ayman era molto contento di avere finalmente potuto 
approfondire tanti argomenti, cosa che in Turco e' molto difficile

un forte abbraccio a tutti gli amici vicini e lontani..!!

in this period almost all of ours friends they are on holiday outside 

Over the last days I have helped Aylin to make ticket for Budapest and 
organize the visa application.

Today we bought the ticket to Budapest for Aylin, Katibe and Claudio:
September 12
Wizzair flight W6 2398
from Istanbul (Saw)
arrival in Budapest (Bud)
h 11:50 Terminal 2

Today at ceremonies only Ayman came (Aylin had to go to grandmather's 
house becouse she is getting worse, tomorrow they will bring her to 
the hospital again).

Ayman was very pleased to make the ceremonies in Italian language.
He said that he understood much better the text and the meaning of the 
ceremonies. Then we could interchange on many interesting topics such 
as the contradiction and internal unity, the principle of solidarity 
(when you treat others as you want them to treate you, you liberate 
youeself), the Force, the possibility of 'charging' people and objects 
with the Force (Chapter XVI of the book: Projection of the Force), 
comments on some rites and ceremonies of Islam, etc..

We also found a small (but important) mistake of translation in the 
English version of the book: in the ceremony of well-being instead of 
translating '... although not present here in our time and in our 
space ...' has been translated: ' ... in our time, or (instead of 
'and') in our space ... ' which could refer (as Ayman had initially 
understood) for example to people who simply are living in other 
places, in other cities' ..

(in any case it would be very useful to have many copies of the Silo's 
message book in English in the 'salita' because not few people, 
especially young people, speak and understand English in Ankara)

In short Ayman was very happy to have finally been able to investigate 
many topics, which in Turkish is very difficult

a big hug to all, near and far, friends ..!

News da Ankara, 8 e 9 agosto 2013


Ieri Ayman e Ayse' sono venuti alla salita, dove abbiamo parlato e 
visto alcuni video della salita di Istabul. Ayse' ci ha invitati ad 
andare a casa sua domani per conoscere la sua famiglia, poi e' andata 
a casa per stare con la famiglia nella festa di fine Ramazan.
Con Ayman siamo andati in un caffe' per incontrare e salutare Mehdi 
che raggiungera' la famiglia in Iran. Mehdi e' stato molto contento di 
salutarci, gli abbiamo fatto sentire il nostro affetto e amicizia. Lo 
abbiamo accompagnato in agenzia per fare il check-in e poi lo abbiamo 
accompagnato alla fermata dell'autobus. Ci ha detto che tornera' ad 
Ankara fra alcune settimane, forse un mese. Poi camminando in centro 
con Ayman abbiamo incontrato Yuksel che ci ha invitati a prendere un 
caffe' e ci ha mostrato (dal suo computer) molte foto del viaggio 
nell'Est della Turchia per la presentazione del libro del Messaggio.

Oggi con Ayman e Aylin siamo andati a casa di Ayse'. Abbiamo 
conosciuto i genitori e per alcune ore abbiamo chiacchierato e 
mangiato con loro e con 2 delle 4 sorelle di Ayse'. Sono stati tutti 
molto gentili e affettuosi.

abbracci a tutti
a presto

Yesterday Ayman and Ayse' came to the 'salita', where we talked and 
seen some video of the 'salita' in Istabul. Ayse' invited us to go to 
his house tomorrow to meet his family, and then she went home to be 
with the family in the celebration of the end of Ramazan.
With Ayman we went to a cafe to meet and greet Mehdi that will reach 
family in Iran. Mehdi was very happy to greet us, we did feel him our 
love and friendship. We accompanied him to the agency to make the 
check-in and then we accompanied him to the bus stop. He told us he'll 
be back 'in Ankara in a few weeks, maybe a month. Then walking in the 
center with Ayman, we met Yuksel who invited us for a coffee and 
showed us (from his computer) many pictures of the trip in eastern 
Turkey, for the presentation of the Silo's Message book.

Today with Ayman and Aylin, we went to Ayse's home. We met her parents 
and for a few hours we talked and ate with them and with 2 of the 4 
sisters of Ayse. They were all very kind and affectionate.


Friday 9 of August...

Dear Friends,
Here started a the holiday after Ramadan, it is the so called Bayram. People are celebrating the end of Ramadan, with visiting their families, eating lot of sweets. 
So Before yesterday we went to the Egyiption bazar at the European side to make the traditional shopping. I didn't know what it is. But when I arrived to Gülhanne Park through the way I could see just very few people on the street and I was  bit supprised. But I thought people already left to visit their families in other cities. So I went to the Park and while waiting for Hüseyin there, I phoned some of our friends, as previously I agreed to meet in the salita on Thursday with Tiziana and her sister who is visiting Istanbul, so I thought to talk some of our turkish friends. I talked to Iyit, Gonca, Katibe as I knew some others are already left to other cities. So some of them also said they can not come as they will be with their families, but Katibe said maybe she will come. So I was relaxed sitting n this beautifull park, waiting for Hüseyin and had some nice chat on the phone with these friends. Than Hüseyin arrived and we went for the Egyiption Bazar, there I could find all the 20 million people whom I was looking for before:) It was really amazing! so we could stay for some 20 minutes and than we left. So about Thursday I thought most of the people now in holiday, so I'll try to reach them on the next week again.

So yesterday around 18.00 pm we went to the salita and we just found Katibe who already arrived! We were chating with her about different things like books, writers and finally about her traveling to Budapest. She had some question about it. Than Tiziana and her sister arrived, but before I got a phone call from Tamer, that he wanted to wish nice Bayram, but same time I invited him to join us and he said he will come a little later. Than Hüseyins friend Gyökan and his wife arived. So I decided to make some chocolate pancake ( as of the Bayram and for funn!) Than people got to know each other and had chat, while Katibe made cay. Than I recognised we have no sugar left in the salita. I phoned Jöntürk ( and the day before I sent him also an invitation) and he picked up the phone: Hi! O, I forgat it is today! Crazy! Yes I will come! So I asked to bring some sugar as well. So in 10 minutes he arrived with a friend from The Netherlands. In some half an hour Tamer arrived as well. The pancake was ready and there was a very good and friendly mood in the salita, with lot of jokes, funn and some intersting chats about the situation with the demonstations, Ottoman times museums in Istanbul, Silo and the Parks, our common roots ( you know everybody is turkish or hun:) So Gyökan and his wife had to leave early but we'll meet them soon again. After we made a ceremony the Service. It was good, I think this new guy from Netherlands was touched by this very much, as he started to talk about his previous experiences with the force and energy in his childhood. Everything was very good. Jöntürk and his friends left and than we all accompanied Tiziana and her sister, Emanula to the feryy around 23.00 o'clock. Than we agreed with Tamer and Katibe to meet on Saturday in the salita at 19.00 o'clock again. 

It was a very nice day togehter with all these people and I was supprised, because I didn't thought so many people will come. But I think this could be a very good sign! 
So all those which was given before by lot of friends now accumulating. I hope to continue with a little community here and I hope this can be strenghten by the inaguration in Mikebuda, if some of our turkish friends can come. 

with many thanks big hugs!
and lot of hugs from our friends! 

4 and 5 August 2013 in Ankara


ieri pomeriggio (4 agosto) sono venuti alla salita Ayman, Ayse', una delle sue sorelle Jasmine (che ha studiato filosofia all'universita') e Aylin. La sorella di Ayse' che aylin conosceva e' un'altra (ayse' ha 4 sorelle).
Abbiamo chiacchierato molto di tanti argomenti interessanti e ci siamo divertiti. Jasmine ha chiesto cos'e' il Messaggio di Silo e abbiamo parlato delle cerimonie, dell'importanza di entrare in contatto con la propria energia e della liberta' di interpretazione del libro del messaggio. Ho proposto di inviare ad Ayse' il libro del Messaggio via mail in Turco e in Inglese, cosi' potra' verificare se la traduzione e' chiara e comprensibile.
Una curiosita': Jasmine ha detto che tempo fa ha visto il libro del Messaggio di Silo in una libreria e che stava per comprarlo, ma poi ha deciso di comprare un altro libro..

La sera abbiamo incontrato Mehdi (dopo alcuni giorni che non lo vedevamo) in un caffe' della zona pedonale.

Oggi (5 agosto) ho incontrato Ayman e Ayse' (mentre Aylin era dalla nonna che sta peggiorando e potrebbe morire presto) e abbiamo parlato tra l'altro della destrutturazione psicosociale che avanza a ritmo accelerato in tutto il pianeta e della nuova sensibilita' che sta crescendo soprattutto tra i piu' giovani.
Ayse' mi ha detto che non era riuscita ad aprire uno dei file del libro del Messaggio che le ho inviato, ma poi un amico l'ha aiutata a risolvere il problema.

un abbraccio e a presto

yesterday afternoon (August 4) we met in the 'salita' with Ayman, Ayse', one of her sisters Jasmine (who studied philosophy at the university) and Aylin. Jasmine is not the Ayse' sister aylin was knowing time ago (ayse' has 4 sisters).
We talked quite a lot of interesting topics and we had fun. Jasmine asked what is Silo's Message and we talked about the ceremonies, the importance of getting in touch with our internal energy and about the freedom of interpretation of the Message's book. I proposed to send to Ayse' the book via e-mail in Turkish and in English, so she will check if the translation is clear and understandable for her.
A curiosity: Jasmine said that some time ago she saw the book of Silo's Message in a bookshop and she was going to buy it, but then she decided to buy another book ..

In the evening we met Mehdi (after some days we didn't saw him) in a cafe' of the pedestrian zone.

Today (August 5) I met Ayman and Ayse', while Aylin was with her grandmother (she is getting worse and could die soon) and we talked among other things, about the psychosocial destructuration advancing very fast all over the planet and about the new sensibility that is growing especially among the young people.
Ayse' told me that she was not able to open one of the files of the message's book that I sent her, but then a friend helped her to solve the problem.

a big hug

Sunday in Istanbul

Dear Friends,
Yesterday we had a very nice day together with some of our turkish friends in Istanbul.In the morning I went to the salita where Csefkó and Manuela stayed. Soon Katibe arrived, we had a little chat and finally we proposed to watch the Experience video, Katibe was very open for this, so we did it. Meanwhile Tamer arrived for some 5 minutes to have a little time with us and say god bye to Manu and Csefko. It was very nice. I don't know what exactly Katibe was thinking about the video, but many times I saw on her, that she expressed her understanding, sometimes she laughed and sometimes she said "Yes" and she asked to stop the video and go back to some minutes that she can understand or read again.
Than she decided to bring us to Üsküdar to a nice place. I was hesitating because for the big hot, but than I decided to join to this probably "survival tour". While we were walking we had some possibility to talk about some with Katibe about her family, her life, her past experiences. She speaks some english, but she wants to be with us and tries very hard to speak english. We went to an old mosque ( not too old to measure with turkish anitquities) and to the seaside, near to the old lighthouse whic is now a restaurant.

So, we went for this tour with Katibe and aroud 18.00 pm we arrived back to the salita where we invited soem of our friends, like Gonca, Jöntürk, Hüseiyn and an italian girl, Tiziana We started to make the dinner ( chiken and salad). So around 19.00- 20.00 most of our friends arrived the food was almost ready. We aet and drink cay and had chat about different topics and mostly about the inaguration in Mikebuda and how our friends to organise to come. Meanwhile Gonca decided to come as well. I try to encourge them that we can go together as I will come from Istanbul to Budapest. Csefkó wanted Katibe to buy her ticket before she can get the visa, but she said she has to talk to Aylin first.Jöntürk seems wants to come as well. We'll see! In some days I also would like to buy my ticket so I proposed to them we can make it together maybe in tha salita, one evening by internet.
later in one moment everybody was in the kitchen and a very intersting caht started about nonviolence and the change, if it is possible or not, how we can reach it and so on...It was very interesting and moved lot of internal emotions and immages. It had it's on place in this night in this salita. I had the impression that I'm in a community. We shared our ideas and feelings, doubts and fears about this, but anyhow it was very important to have this exchange I felt. Tziana had to leave as it was already around midnight and she is staying at the European side. Than we decided to make a Wellbeing ceremony, with Gonca, Katibe, Jöntürk, Hüseyin, Manu, Csefkó and me.
Than after the ceremony Jöntürk, Gonca, Katibe, Hüseyin and I left. It was again a very interesting day together. Everybody said goodbye to Manu and Csefko as they are leaving today.

Big hugs,

Report of day 2 and 3 of August

On Friday morning, Isabel and Judith left and Csefko came back from Ankara and that produced another change in the energy and atmosphere of the group.
When Eduardo came back from the police office with his permit of residence, we had some pasta together and then decided to have a kind of touristic afternoon doing some shopping in the European side.
The hot and humid weather of July straightly pushed us to hurry up our commissions and to look for shelter in Tocapi Park.  We sat in a very nice café settled in a pleasant panoramic position on top of the hill and started to interchange about our Ascesis processes and  our images on the process in Turkey. Since Husseyin works just near-by, as soon as he finished, he joined us enriching our conversation by adding the “Turkish” point of view.
When we got back it was dinner time, so we picked up Eduardo and Katibe who was paying her daily visit and went to our loved tandoori  place .   
We finished our day at Jonturk’s place playing with his cats and sharing a very familiar atmosphere.
The feeling of the day wasn’t as energetic as the previous ones when a lot of us where there but was more dedicated to capturing the Turkish life style and to find out how life could be if we were living here.
Saturday at two o’clock Eduardo left as well. In the morning I could share his company and inspiration which helped me a lot to move images and focus on the Sense and meaning of this mission.
Csefko and Julie joined us for lunch and then we all went to the port to say by-by to our friend and to dedicated a ceremony of death to Gizi, Attila’s mum, who passed away that morning.
Katibe came to pick us up in the afternoon because she wanted to show us a place in Uskudar where we could have a very good view of the city from the top. Actually it wasn’t so pleasant for me because we had to walk a lot under the sun to get there but it was nice to appreciate her good intention and hospitality!

When we got back to Kadikoy, we met with Tiziana, an Italian girl who came to Isthambul on holiday and contacted me to visit the Salita.
Huseyin and Julie arrived very soon; a little bit later Meral and then Tamer who was at the Salita only once accompanied by Canan and Sibel, a friend of him, who was there for the first time.
Huseyin read the Service and Well-Being in Turkish and then we divided again into small groups of interchange.  This is a very nice and pretty new “fenomena” that we are living here…. This beginning of new friendships among Turkish people and this intention to ask us little questions about the book and Silo.
Huseyin then proposed to do another ceremony of death together to accompany Gizi and just after that Meral and Sibel left together because they were going in the same direction. It was a very pleasant evening because even the new friends seemed to have felt much at ease and likely to share our company.
I really like these “international” meetings where you can hear people speaking in different languages to each other and give you this non-doubtable impression that the Message has no borders or limits. It is very easy to catch that everybody can feel the atmosphere and this nice way of treating each other.
We finished our evening with a nice walk towards Moda with Katibe, Tamer and Tiziana. We had an ice-cream together and agreed to meet the following day.