The 28th was our last day of activity in Tunceli.
Again we split in two groups: some of us stayed in the city and others went to Hozat, a place nearby where another part of the Festival was taking place.
In Tunceli the heat was almost unbearable and so we passed the morning and first hours of the afternoon looking for the shade of cafes. This gave us the opportunity to rest and to exchange a lot about the value of this experience.
Eduardo and Christophe came back at 18h and we joyfully started “our work”. Some friends we met on the previous days came back to say hello, others approached asking for information, others bought the book.
At 21h, Ercan, a friend of Arzu, came to the stand to go to the hotel with us in order to do a ceremony together and another friend also joined. Going to the hotel we realized that none of them spoke a word of English...
So we arrived each one with some noise in their heads: how are we going to manage?!!! But we tried with our very poor Turkish to give some explanations... the puzzled faces of our friends made us think they didn’t understand anything... so Judit, very upset, raised her arms to heaven crying: “please, a translator!”
In that moment, but really in that moment, 2 men and a woman, we had never seen before, appeared behind our backs... and them woman said: “here we are; I speak some English!”...
I cannot describe our state of being very well... I remember for some moments we were completely disconnected without knowing what do do...
Since we were already in the ceremony the first who managed to speak started giving some information about how to put one’s self in the ceremony (eyes closed, back straight) and how to predispose one’s self internally... at the end of the explanation, when we were about to begin, Judit realized the boys didn’t even know the book we were comenting was “Silo’s Message”!!! So we gave some information about the book and at the end, the girl asked, “do you have one?” I want to buy it!!!
The level of surrealism was such that it began to seem normal so we started behaving normally with our new friends, for example, we asked their names and some personal information like: “how did you arrive here?!!!!
And so the mystery was solved... we found out the young boys were brothers who were born in Tunceli and then moved to Holland and the other boy was her fiancé. They explained they came back for summer vacation. They told us they arrived there because their uncle called and asked to pass by to see if someone who spoke English was needed. In that moment we remembered that one of the boys who joined the ceremonies, when he arrived, approached a man who worked at the hotel and talked to him for a while. We thought it was because they knew each other but we found out the man was the “uncle” who found translators for us!!!!
Anyway, the ceremony was very beautiful... our new friends comented it was dificult to make silence but they felt it was something “good”. They left their contacts and we told them about Peter, who lives in Holland, will send them more information about “Silo’s Message”.
To end the night in the same surrealist tone, the younger boy left saying “Ciao bella!!!!”

Tunceli team : Manuela, Judith, Eduardo, Saverio, Alessandra, Christophe