Travel in Istanbul from 11 to 20 October 2013

The trip is a blessing , I am flying , quiet, too the daily plan to a bigger plan . It is a moment of meditation that makes me see larger vision than usual. This time, therefore, I still had things that were not resolved . All last week , I wondered , for example, how to save too much effort to friends who share the social project that we have initiated in my neighborhood.
I already stole the clouds and I saw that my consciousness could not accept : the guide , my companion, is still there. He saw that I was not feeling well with the problems that I was leaving . Just before leaving , everything was settled , He listens to my request, and the solutions arrived letting me fly , free of tensions of the mean plane ...
During this trip , " Silo , the master of our time" the book of Pia is with me . At one time an emotion came over me ... but I am unable to describe what happened : I would like to live in the company of the Guide. I would like to apply to hear and listen and I did not I realize it's there ... even when an event happens, it is to awaken me to His presence. In another time, I read the chapter on Acts: I think I have chosen long ago chosen the path of YES , which allows to surpass the pain but I 'm not totally out of my shadow. I 'm not sure that "every day is accompanied by a free act , courageous and strong." These are its registers and high desires with mer.
For me, Turkey is a place that I like Sacred responsible for Parks. For here, I started working on the monograph , the first trip was rocked by the " Song of the Pearl " genesis of a two-year work . During the second trip, I had intended to start ordering my notes and write the monograph ... I remember that feeling to read me and tell me " it is not I who have felt , write and testify all this ... something else is expressed through my little person ... "
All this is in my heart when I come to Istanbul. This allows me to decide to do something new in my life. Spreading the Message of Silo Turkey send me the image of my daily life : how do I radiate the signal charge of joy and goodness? This is also an opportunity to experience a moment of sharing with friends with me and with friends who live here and those who come from different parts of Europe. I spent 10 days with Eric de Marseille and Nacho Madrid . With Eric , we had a good time in the day to study " Psychology Notes " or to discuss our concerns to the School or the message and always help strengthen the sense in us and around us, when we feel the disorder or darkness.
The long week is also a beautiful moment of joy , wonder and inspiration. Something happens when the different mosques , Orthodox churches in the hills where the banks of the Bosphorus we try to connect to the people of today and almost erased the presence of the fathers of our fathers . I realize that this trip is formed SPHERES : domes , ceremonies, happy trading , smooth , sun ... Each beautiful mosque draws us in to the center as the center of our inner selves , we then look for what could move much force , those who tried to perceive the mystery of direction . We were between Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque, when the muezzin call , repeated by other distant echoes rang , producing another great emotion because if the direction is now hidden, I lived as a revival of the presence guide in ourselves and in everything. Crowds of tourists and Istanbul's biased and excited to continue to shake their trade concerns , while their appeal claimed the awakening of the soul , leaving the illusion of desires of the mean plane ...
The joy of the message is everywhere, for example when we take the bus in the evening to find a more popular as our district Kadikoï neighborhood. Nacho ensures that we take the right direction and we're off to spend an evening with some new friends in Üsküdar . We will continue the evening together , eating sandwiches along the Bosphorus , to discuss today's Turkey , young indignant at Taksim Square, in the company of an old activist lawyer drunk. It takes a poet to live it , and that a simple extraordinary meeting happening today. A few days later I understand that behind the very western Istanbul image remains Poetry ( I'm looking to the East ) . I see these families and young people who apply when a paper lantern flies , those friends who drink chai or a salep , remaining hours gazing at the spectacle of the Bosphorus on a dock covered with cushions. This simple joy reassures me , poetry is still alive.
In Sallita when Kathibé and John Turk, Hussein and Julia are there. After a good chai , Turkish pastries and stories of our travels, the ceremony takes place in Turkish and poetic opening wins all our loved ones in the course of well-being. We thank our Turkish friends very hard on their bridge between two worlds, hesitant and unstable, they have so much to give to the old Europe and the East, which begins here. And their wish to maintain and amplify Poetry , simple joy and inner freedom that guide us.

meeting in Ankara 13th October 2013


Today we met in the ‘salita’ with Ayman, Ahmet and Dondu and after 
taking a Chai, we made the Well-being ceremony. Dondu made the 
ceremony (in Turkish). It was the first time for her.
After the ceremony we talked a lot about the actual situation of the 
world (‘desestructuration’, ‘mundialisation’, ‘regionalisation’, etc.) 
and may be this talk will help Ahmet to take some decision about where 
and how to live (this is really important for him in this moment of 
his life). Ahmet said he was very happy for the interesting points of 
view (new for him) about the world situation and the possibility of 
better understanding (with that points of view) how the situation 
could develop in the next period..

Big hug

reunion en Ankara 13 de octubre 2013

Hoy nos encontramos en la salita con Ayman, Ahmet y Dondu y despues de 
tomar un Chai, hicimos la ceremonia de Bienestar. Dondu hizo la 
ceremonia (en turco). Era la primera vez para ella.
Despues de la ceremonia hablamos mucho acerca de la situacion actual 
del mundo (desestructuracion, Mundializacion, regionalizacion, etc.) y 
tal vez esta charla podra' ayudar Ahmet a tomar alguna decision acerca 
de donde y como vivir (esto es realmente importante para el en este 
momento de su vida). Ahmet dijo que era muy contento por los 
interesantes puntos de vista (nuevos para el) en relacion a la 
situacion mundial y por la posibilidad de entender mejor, con esos 
puntos de vista, como la situacion podria desarrollarse en el proximo 
periodo ..

Un fuerte abrazo para todos

weekly meeting in Ankara 9th October 2013



With Aylin, Ayman, Semih and Umit we made the Service and the Laying 
on of hands, like in the Silo's Message workshop, because Semih asked 
to do it with his friend Umit who wanted to make the same experience.
After the ceremonies, and after everybody passing the Force to the 
closest friend, we were feeling very happy and with much more Energy 
than before.
Umit asked Semih what he feels about the ceremonies, and Semih 
answered that he doesn’t know exactly, but after the ceremonies he 
feels much better inside himself.
Umit said this was the best ceremony for him, maybe like the first 
'true' ceremony he did. Umit also said he would be happy to 
participate to a Silo's Message workshop because Semih explained him 
with enthusiasm that the workshop is very very nice.
We all hope to meet again as soon as possible, after the 'kurban 
bayram', the 9 days holiday that people will celebrate in Turkey next 

Big hug
ESP reunion semanal en Ankara 9 de octubre 2013 con Aylin, Ayman, Semih y Umit hicimos el Oficio y la Imposicion, como en el taller del Mensaje, ya que Semih pidio' de hacerlo con su amigo Umit que queria hacer la misma experiencia. Despues de las ceremonias, y despues de que cadauno pasara la Fuerza al amigo mas cercano, nos sentiamos muy felices y con mucha mas energia que antes. Umit pregunto' a Semih que siente acerca de las ceremonias, y Semih respondio' que no sabe exactamente, pero que despues de las ceremonias se siente mucho mejor internamente. Umit dijo que esta fue la mejor ceremonia para el, tal vez la primera 'verdadera' ceremonia que hizo. Umit tambien dijo que le gustaria participar en un taller del Mensaje porque Semih le explico' con entusiasmo que el taller es muy, muy lindo. Todos esperamos encontrarnos muy pronto despues del 'kurban bayram', los 9 dias de vacacion que la gente celebrara' en Turquia la proxima semana. Un fuerte abrazo para todos Aylin e claudio

meeting in Ankara 6th October 2013



With Aylin, Ayman, Ahmet, Semih and Umut, we met in the 'salita' and 
with a good chai we talked a lot about the Human evolution (Umut is 
studying anthropology at the University, when Simith is studying 
psychology) and many other interesting arguments.

Yesterday Semith finished the draft of the translation to Turkish of 
the Silo's Message's workshop (file attached) and Aylin said it is a 
good translation, with elegant Turkish style..
(unfortunately there is some mistake in the English translation from 
the Spanish text, and this made the translation to Turkish more 
difficult.. If somebody, with good English understanding, could 
correct it, it would be wonderful).

Later we were talking about ceremonies and somebody proposed to make 
one.. so we made the Service and we finished with the Turkish hugs 
ceremonie in a very happy atmosphere..

Big hug

reunion en Ankara 6 de octubre 2013

con Aylin, Ayman, Ahmet, Semih y Umut, nos reunimos en la salita y con 
un buen chai hemos hablado mucho acerca de la evolucion del Ser Humano 
(Umut esta estudiando Antropologia en la Universidad, mientras que 
Simith esta estudiando Psicologia) y muchos otros interesantes 

Ayer Semith termino' el borrador de la traduccion al Turco del taller 
del Mensaje de Silo (fichero adjunto) y Aylin dijo que es una buena 
traduccion, con un estilo elegante ..
(lamentablemente hay varios errores en la traduccion al Ingles desde 
el texto español, y esto hizo la traduccion al turco mas dificil.. 
Asi' que si alguien, con buena comprension del Ingles, pudiera 
corregirlo, seria maravilloso).

Mas tarde estabamos hablando de ceremonias y alguien propuso hacer 
una.. asi' que hicimos el Oficio y terminamos con la ceremonia turca 
de abrazos  en un atmosfera muy feliz..

Un fuerte abrazo para todos

weekly meeting in Ankara 2th October 2013



Today with Aylin, Ayman and Semih we met in the ‘salita’.
After taking a good chai and after checking together the Turkish 
translation of the Silo’s Message workshop (we made past Sunday) Semih 
is doing (we found some translation mistakes in the English version) 
Ayman proposed to do the ceremony of ‘laying on of hands’.

All of us we passed the Force to all the others.

The experience was very strong.

Semih was so impressed and he said that he felt the passage of the 
Force like a earthquake.. He was feeling like he would follow down!!

Also Ayman was very impressed and Aylin (that made the ceremony) was 
very happy.

After the ceremony we ate together and we talked a lot, for exemple 
about how the emotive center is human center of gravity.
Aylin explained to Semih that the information (intellectual data) is 
important, but ‘wisdom’ and internal experience is much more 
important, because is not possible to retain all information in our 
mind, when is really possible to feel all wisdom in our heart; and 
many intellectual information cannot guide us; but is possible to 
develop an internal guide from our internal experience.
She said is very important the experience we can read in books, but 
much more important, to develop our internal Force, is the internal 
experience we can make with meditation and ceremonies.

Big hugs
Aylin e claudio


Reunion semanal en Ankara, 2 de Octubre 2013

Hoy con Aylin, Ayman y Semih nos encontramos en la salita.
Despues de tomar un buen chai y revisar juntos la traduccion al turco 
del taller del Mensaje (que hicimos el domingo pasado) que Semih esta’ 
haciendo (encontramos algunos errores de traduccion en la version 
Ingles) Ayman propuso hacer la ceremonia de Imposicion.

Todos nosotros pasamos la Fuerza a todos los demas.

La experiencia fue muy fuerte.

Semih quedo’ muy impresionado y dijo que sentio’ el pasaje de la 
Fuerza como un terremoto.. Se sentio’ como si fuera a punto de caer al 

Tambien Ayman estaba muy impresionado y Aylin (que hizo la ceremonia) 
estaba muy feliz.

Despues de la ceremonia comimos juntos y hablamos mucho, por ejemplo 
de como el centro emotivo es el centro de gravedad del Ser Humano.

Aylin explico’ a Semih que las informaciones (los datos intelectuales) 
son importantes, pero la ‘sabiduria’ y la experiencia interna son 
mucho mas importantes, porque no es posible mantener toda las 
informaciones en nuestra mente, mientras que es realmente posible 
sentir toda la sabiduria en nuestro corazon; y muchas informaciones 
intelectuales no nos pueden guiar, mientras que con nuestra 
experiencia interna es posible desarrollar un guia interno.
Ella dijo que las experiencias que podemos leer en los libros son muy 
importantes, pero mucho mas importante, para desarrollar nuestra 
Fuerza interior, es la experiencia interna que podemos hacer con la 
meditacion y las ceremonias.

Un fuerte abrazo para todos
Aylin e claudio