Even though three days have passed, I will tell you the visit we made to our musician Sufi friends. I’m sorry in advance because the report is long and not especially significant and furthermore, it can be difficult for those who don’t speak Spanish very well.
Our friend Janufi invited us, he is a Sufi musician and plays a flute called ney. He makes them from canes and once he invited us to his workshop some years ago. Eduardo is a kind of student of his and brought his ney in a black case, just in case, although in the end, he didn’t play it.
It was a group of musicians who travel the world giving concerts and celebrating their first anniversary. But we only found out after a while we were there because, in the beginning we didn’t know very well at what kind of celebration or whatever it was we were going to.
We went up a narrow staircase to the place they usually practice in. After taking off our shoes, we went into a room of about 30 meters, full of people. On its walls were hanging musical instruments of different times and places (see pictures).
There were a group of Italian women as well as characters who seemed to belong to a Central Asian adventure story. The atmosphere was friendly and we were always included and warmly treated. We were surprised since we were supposed to go to a concert, they put out tables and invites us to sorba (soup), soon followed by tavuk-pilav (rice with chicken) and finally hand-made sweets and tea.
Those attending did a round of testimonies related to the anniversary celebration. The group master, acted like chief of ceremonies, giving explanations and a warm welcome to each one of those present, sharing a good vibe, like they do when they tune the instruments, synchronizing one with the others.
After they invited us to pick up some pieces of paper, three for each person, which we could trade for presents that were numbered on a table. So we all received different presents, from a pen to a book in Spanish about Sufi mystics, as well as socks for a girl and a rosary. Since some of presents that destiny had in store for us did not really fit, there were trades and donations.
And the music began. A sweet and inspiring music. A women with mysterious beauty, dressed in white, sang from the middle of the room. Those attending, here and there, accompanied with their voices or some kind of instrument. I would be able to say where the notes took us to.
Different musicians coming from different places sang. Surprisingly and in our honor, they sang a Hungarian theme (from Magyaristan) and another one in Spanish. They gave us some music sheets so we could follow the songs.
In the end, we shared a prayer with our hands in front of our hearts, facing upwards.
We said good-bye and returned home happy and content.