The day of November 3, 2012 (Denis testimony)

(Lire en français)

After a day travelling, plane, stopover, plane… plus seven hours by bus to arrive in Ankara, the time for us (Christophe and myself) to be awed by Istanbul, a giant city. After two hours in a traffic jam, through the bus windows, the houses and buildings… I see the lit windows, of the people living behind this urban landscape with their hopes and sufferings. Like other friends before us, we have come to offer a gift, subtle and sweet…  Will they listen to this distant sound ?

It is half past midnight, we arrived in Ankara and our friends (Eduardo, Manuela and Tommaso) are waiting for us. We went on this impromptu trip to Ankara because there will be a presentation of the Book of the Message, we didn’t want to miss the date and wanted to serve the message. We crossed the city by minibus at night and on foot and I remember these places and the first friends I met here more than 18 months ago. We were welcomed at the house-Salita by the tasty dishes prepared by Yuksel, always careful of being hospitable, and Huseyin, historical messenger.

After a restoring night, we really want to discover the place where the presentation will take place. We discovered Babil Café, where not only the Salep is sweet. (It is a hot drink, creamy, made of mile and an orchid flour, sprinkled with cinnamon). It is a space consecrated to books and photographs, where students come and are at ease. This place invites us to experience going to all the tables for our first experiences of the “game of the message”. We invite people to pick a card, but first we ask them to make a deep asking and that they ask for their greatest need. When they choose the card they read: “Here it tells how the non-meaning of life can be converted into meaning and fulfillment” and on the other side the sentences of the Path or the Principles where they might find an answer to their questions.

Book presentation at Babil Café

When we want to do beautiful things, we have a strange sensation with time: it flies… And we arrived to the time of the presentation. Eduardo made us a small surprise, he proposed (to Christoph and me) we sit behind the table to make a presentation of Silo’s Message, with the complicity of Hülya, who speaks perfect French and translates us. We can present what is, before anything, an Experience… But how can we describe our inner world, and this light, this force which grows together with the Experience? So, after having given our testimony, groups were formed to interchange. We formed a group with our translator who becomes a simple person who is aware of the loneliness this world of beliefs closes us in and who tries, like us, to catch the hope Silo’s Message gives us.  

The evening ends with a Service and Well Being ceremony, with these new persons who are so beautiful and dear, I hardly know… In that moment, I feel a unity being born, like a wave who will project itself much further than this small space of Babil Café… Already, the owner of the café, is pasting a card of the game at the entrance, because it proclaims the spirit of the café “Here it tells…” and wanted to do the ceremonies again. At the end, it was enough to look at Tommaso’s photos, we can find joy, colors, eyes full of light. It is not a trick but the representation of the experience of the message, untellable, as a matter of fact, but revealing what is deepest and most beautiful inside of us.

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