Ankara 23, 24 July

Relato de los dias 23 y 24 en Ankara

Hello dear friends
This is our third day in Ankara and what always shocks me is the amount of things that happen in one day even if, while we’re living them, we feel we’re not doing anything!

We are all in a good mood and the feeling I am getting out of it is that it is not so important what we are doing but how we are doing it. We are all trying to keep alive the connection with that purpose that pushed us to come here and we are mostly trying to share this atmosphere of Well-Being, our joy and our “special life style”.

And it seems to me that those who are more permanent and seem to appreciate more the Message, come back because of this connection we managed to establish.

This is what I felt with Aymaan and Mehdi, who are “pretty new friends” and seemed to be looking forward to our arrival and  tried to spend most of their time with us. They  told me, for example, that they missed a lot the ceremonies during the weeks we couldn’t be here and this way of “communicating with each other”.
On Tuesday night we organized an italian dinner and invited all our friends:  Medhi, Aymaan Eduardo, Judith, Isabel and me were there; then Zeinep arrived with her mother. A little later Aylin and Claudio and finally  Atacan, Ozgur, who we met in Attigliano joined us for chay, with a friend of theirs.

The evening was very pleasant and joyfull and completed in the best way this day where we experienced “a little bit of everything”: inspiring interchanges on our internal processes in between the four of us; individual conversations with Aymaan and Medhi and a final social gathering with a lot of people speaking different languages to each other.

On Wednesday we lived the consequences of what we have sown the day before. We’ve met the same friends and we managed to go deeper in the relationships.
While we were in the bus office to buy our tickets to Isthambul we met Athacan who insisted to offer us breakfast and related to us in a very friendly mood; just after that we met with Yuksel who was with a friend for a chay and a little later with Mehdi  in a nice café where Peter always uses to go when he is in Ankara.
Medhi wasn’t really happy because he didn’t manage to get his scholar tuition and he freely expressed his internal state to us demonstrating that he trusted us.

 We went home after that and he cooked a nice meal for us with rice, chicken and vegetables; we all needed a “siesta” after that to be more “awaken” for the ceremonies that we fixed at 6 o’clock. Aymaan arrived on time; we’ve waited a little bit to see if someone else would join us but nobody seemed to appear so we moved to the Salita and started with the Service in English. While we were sharing who we would have like to send the Well Being to, the bell rang and Zehra arrived. Medhi read the ceremony for the first time because Zehra could only understand it in Turkish.

It was amazing how everything changed after that! Our hearts seemed to have been filled with joy … we were laughing just by looking at each other and even Mehdi who before was in that terrible mood seeing his future “closed” started singing in the kitchen while preparing chay for everybody.

We cooked another Italian pasta expecially for Mehtap who wasn’t with us the day before and for Aymaan who was fasting due to Ramadan. Then Mehtap and Mehdi went and Aiten and Ozgur arrived. And we finished our day with them who invited us for an ice-cream in a nice Turkish café where Yuksel joined us with another friend
I really enjoy how things move so quickly, the different opportunities you are offered every day and the enthusiasm that continuously grows up inside us to be here sharing this common project.

Arrival to Ankara

On the 22nd, Monday we travelled to Ankara with Eduardo, Isa and Manu. We are planning to stay here till Thursday. On the way we sent messages to our friends announcing our arrival. Later we decided to organize a shared dinner for Tuesday so that we could meet the people already before Wednesday when the weekly ceremony would take place.
Once in the salita we sat in the kitchen the four of us and a very interesting conversation began. Slowly we entered an athmosphere of inspiration, sharing our internal experiences, questions, anxieties, comprehesions, aspirations about the purpose, the Message, spirituality, the style of life, fast changes in our world, the human being of the future, about tulpas (thoughtforms) about many many interesting themes. I felt being deeply connected to another plane plain that is so vast and full of meanings and through that plain i felt connected to everyone who was present and copresent. Maybe this salita, which has already an athomsphere charged with so many wonderful experiences, was what had a strong effect on us. Or maybe it is just we all needed this interchange with good friends with whom we share our deepest aspirations.
Then we decided to go out for dinner. It was not easy to find a place to eat as it was just the moment when people were waiting to break their ramadan fasting. All the restaurants were full of people, sitting silently with their meals already in front of them, waiting for the sun to set and the call from the mosques.
After having found a place we had a small dinner and I felt our previous conversations kept acting in all of us.
Ayman called us and wanted to meet, so after dinner we met in a cafe and finally got to know this lovely guy from Syria of whom we have heard a lot from Peter and Eduardo. We shared some nice desserts and conversations. Ayman was very inspired by some events that has been taking place in Damascus, his hometown, where young people started gathering and distributing food for the poor. They contact restaurants and different food suppliers and ask for their contribution. This movement is growing day by day and is spreading to other cities of Syria. In this moment I felt again the same thing as days before in Istanbul, and a few hours before in the kitchen, as if a silent wind surrounded us, bringing the hope of a new future for humanity. The image of these young syrians connected me to the register of that profound change which sometimes i feel so clearly happening in the human being.
We accomapnied Ayman to the bus, and agreed to meet the next days in the dinner and the meeting of the Message.
Hugs, Judit

Istanbul 19-20-21 julio

Hello dear friends

I’ve arrived in Isthambul on Thursday night but, as usual, now that I’m writing (and it’s only Sunday!!) it seems that I’ve been here for a lot longer!

The good feeling that I’ve received since I’ve arrived is that every time I come I feel I’m  starting from a further step. The relations I’ve created and tried to carry on during the time I wasn’t here are a great help to start a new adventure.

What is growing inside me is this feeling of familiarity with the place and the manners of the people; how they behave, which are their reactions to us and to the Message ….

 That’s what happened with Canan, for example, who I already agreed to meet before arriving….
I met her in nice little Park in Kadidoy, where she’s practically been “living” for the last three weeks with a group of Turkish friends interested in supporting the protest that ‘s been going on here, after the “Gezi Park” “resistance”. I shared this nice atmosphere which had a kind of hippy back ground….. there were groups of people meeting in Parks, sitting on the ground sharing food and conversations while asking for a change in the ruling system.
Canan asked me from the first moment to do some ceremonies there.

In the evening we met with Aylin and Claudio and went with Sena and another two friends of hers from Ankara to have fish sandwiches and chay in a nice place by the sea. After that we saw JonTurk in Taksim. The protest time was nearly over so Gezi Park looked like an ordinary summer meeting point. I was a bit upset to have missed this part of the process because I could feel the positive energy that was coming from it through the enthusiasm  JonTurk was showing while remembering the event.   

On Saturday morning we met Nursen, a girl that Judith and Eduardo got to know on a boat trip during a previous visit to Turkey and kept contact with. And this was, for me, an example of this “funny Turkish style”….  Because we managed to have a very interesting conversation with this girl that any of us really knew about topics of the Message like the meaning of life or the purpose  of our project in Turkey. I call it “funny” because you never know what will happen when you fix an appointment with someone here … It can happen that he or she doesn’t turn up or that it becomes very difficult to have a conversation because the person is not interested in our topics or, like in this case, that we manage to have a fluent and deep conversation that goes in our direction!  
In fact, we agreed to meet with her the following Saturday to do ceremonies at our place and accompanied her to the book shop to buy “The Message” in Turkish.

In the evening we had a very nice “message meeting” at our place  with ten of us participating to it: Isabel just arrived from Italy and Julie from Hungary;  Claudio, Aylin , JonTurk , Ana,Husseyin, Eduardo Judith me and Mervan, a nice guy that we met in December and haven’t  seen for a while but who seems very interested in the Message. At eleven o’clock a part of us went to the Park to meet Canan who in the afternoon deeply asked again to  me and Judith to go there after our meeting because she wanted to integrate Silo’s Message with her social protest. We found a nice and not crowed place , sat on the ground  and did two ceremonies  with two friends of hers. Aylin read the ceremonies in Turkish and suddenly everybody looked relaxed and smiling because we could feel this “frequency” circulating among us . So we decided to organize a dinner at our place the following day and invited them.

On Sunday all of us were really happy. I woke up with the feeling of how amazing it is to get rid of all my ordinary life rumors here and how accelerated is the process here. I felt like a different person, in contact with the “Sense” , lead by a clear direction and opened to the experience.
The whole day, in fact, was really smooth, we did a lot of things but without any pressure or any particular aim but the one of feeling the joy that was coming along with our purpose.

In the afternoon while we were preparing together a nice meal, our friends started to join us: Mervan arrived with a friend; Ufuk, who we met the previous night in the Park; then Aylin Claudio, Katibe who we met in Attigliano during the Messangers’ Meeting, came along with two friends of theirs. After a while Ozan came and in the end Canan and Ahmet  joined us. So it was 18 of us! The atmosphere was superb: everybody seemed to fit perfectly to the circumstance.  We had some good translaters who helped everybody to feel at home. We were all very happy and had the sensation to live the experience of a real messangers’ community in Turkey. We really felt there was an “ambit”, not at all different to those we experience in our countries. We managed to do two ceremonies that Husseyin and Canan read in Turkish who relaxed even more the atmosphere and opened everybody’s hearts and minds. In fact we spent Another couple of hours together getting to know each other and living the message as an experience that seems to becoming always more a part of our life.

17th-18th of July

I arrived to Istanbul on the 17th in the evening after half a year of not having been here. As the theme of the resent protests starting from Gezi Park and then spreading to all Turkey is very much in the air, and and there are still forums, assamblies of the "capulcu" in different neighburhoods of Istambul (and I suppose in other cities as well) with Eduardo we visited one of the parks close to the salita where people gather every night.
We met Canan there who seems to be spending most of her time in this place, participating in the forums, manifestations or just hanging around with many many friends. The atmosphere in the park was very interesting, something of hope and community. There are tables with information, different groups, smaller and bigger sitting on the ground, discussing, others are playing music and at 9 pm every night there is a stage discussion with guests invited, there are stands with food and drinks etc. Although I did not understand the speeches, slogans or posters, in the level of ideas I do not think people go further than chaging the actual polictical system, wanting more democracy, protecting women's rights etc. What I see as the most important is how people live this moment together, the way they feel about themselves and each other. They are hopeful, enthusiastic, pround of the people and see the future open. Of course this is not the same intensity as it was during the days of the huge protests, but it seems people are seaching a way to give the process some kind of continuity.
The next day we met in the salita with Aylin, Katibe, Jontürk, Huseyin, Claudio and Eduardo. We had a long conversation about the recent events, our Turkish friends were telling about their experiences, some of them participated in the protests very actively. This conversation confirmed that huge energies were moved in the those days, which gave the people the hope for a new world, a new way of living together, a generation that is appearing, in summary a new sensibilty, which still manifests in a confused, not so clear way sometimes, but can be felt. We talked about similar experiences from Spain, Egypt, Brazil etc, about our images of new horizon, how it will come about, and a possibility of a mental or spiritual change... well lots of things. The enegry was rising among us so we felt it was a good moment to do a ceremony of well-being to direct this good vibe towards those who need it. We asked for Gizi (Attila's mother) and Jontürk's sister. It was a very nice evening.
We also talked about the inauguration of the fountain in Mikebuda, which seems to be a good oportunity for our friends here of visiting a park and meet many messengers and Siloists from different countries. I showed the videos of the contruction and it seems Aylin, Katibe, Jontürk and Canan all want to come. This would be amazing!
Manu is soon writing about the following days... yey!

Hugs, Juci

La reunion semanal en Kadiköy, Istanbul, el 6 de julio 2013

Hola amigos,

Os envio una foto de hoy, 6 de julio, en la ceremonia de Istanbul.
La reunion ha sido con muy buena atmosfera y han venido como puedes ver: Meral, Jönturk, Huseyin, Tamer, Aylin, Katibe y Claudio.
Hemos hecho un Oficio con Huseyin y un Bienestar con Aylin, luego abrazos entre todos y te con pastas, algunas charlas y a las 22:30 o las 23:00   hemos ido a acompañar a Meral para tomar el metro-bus, ya que tenia luego 2 horas de viaje hasta su casa en la zona europea.
Estamos invitando a mas conocidos para la proxima semana, donde tendremos una comida y luego algunos quieren participar en las ceremonias para conocer de que se trata.
Un fuerte abrazo


Hoy dia, el 2 de julio 2013 en Istanbul

Hola amigos,

Hoy nos hemos despedido de Handan quien emprendio su viaje de vuelta a Puerto Rico, pasando por Nueva York donde se va encontrar con Nicole y Jean marc. Peter acompaño a Handan al barco tomando los dos ultimos çays juntos con lindas conversaciones.
Hablamos por telefono con Mehdi, Ayman y Aylin. Todos estan muy bien.
En la noche, a partir de las 2 horas Eduardo y Peter nos querimos ir al parque donde se juntan la gente en sus asambleas democraticas, pero sentimos muchas voces gritando eslogans. Asi que nos dirigimos hacia la avenida que baja desde el Boa hacia el puerto de Kadiköy y veamos mucha gente protestando. Despues nos enteramos que es el dia en que los Alevis conmemoran el asesinado de muchos Alevis en un hotel en Sivas, qe fueron quemados vivos por la accion de islamicos fanaticos en 1993. Habia muchisima gente y llegaron cada vez mas de distintas direcciones. Finalmente todos bajaron hacia el puerto empezand una marcha de 2 horas a partir de las 21 horas. Eduardo y Peter hemos acompañados los manifestantes en todo el trayecto, haciendo fotos y filmados, hablando con algunos.
La atmosfera fenomeno y non violento, con tambien momentos muy alegres, aplausos, cantos y danzas. Los videos y las fotos hablan por si solo.
Que fuerza tiene la gente de aqui. Es incredible de verdad.
Mañana Peter por el momento deja este pais tan inspirador y interesante, para volver en noviembre.

Un grand abrazo para todos,

Eduardo y Peter

Saludos desde Ankara, 30 de junio 2013

Hola amigos,

Los ultimos 3 dias de mi estadia en Ankara fueron todos muy hermosos y lleno de buenos y luminosos momentos con los amigos. Hemos logrado de otra vez mas fortalecer los enlaces internos entre nosotros con muchos momentos de un saludable humor, conversaciones profundas entrelazando los que suce en la vida personal de cada uno con los temas del Mensaje de Silo, hasta enseñar a los amigos el regalo de Silo "Tomar una bocanada de aire, llevarlo al corazon... etc." Para darles la posibilidad de contiuar su trabajo personal diariamente con los pedidos sobre que necesitan realmente. Estamos todos muy feliz y Mehdi, Ayman y Zehra quieren dar continuidad a las reuniones semanales. Hemos dejado llaves a Mehdi para asegurar este intento,sin ser dependiente de nadie.
Por el momento este es el ultimo relato porque mañana Peter se va a Istanbul para despues volver a Amsterdam. Esperamos que vengan otros amigos a Ankara para continuar con nuestros tan queridos amigos aqui.
Agradecemos a todos que han contribuido a mandarnos bien estar en fuerza en este mes lleno de protestas de las buenas gente de Turquia que quieren cambios profundos en su sociedad.
Sabemos que las protestas continuan en muchas ciudades, por el momento en forma de asambleas democraticas y peticiones para aumentar la presion sobre el gobierno. Ya nos dijieron que si eso no funcciona, por no ser escuchado, la gente retomaran las calles y las plazas. Pensamos que las masivas protestas hoy en todas las grandes ciudades de Egipto va haber su influencia en Turquia.
El mundo esta cambiando y estamos presentes.

Un fuerte y alegre abrazo,

Zehra, Mehdi, Handan, Ayman, Aylin, Yüksel y Peter