28 March 2012 :Information about the stand at Ankara's Book Fair

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Hello friends,

Today I was in the Medya Editions' Stand at the Ankara Book Fair. There was lots of curiosity over the exhibition of Silo's Message. When I arrived it was 17:00. I saw that Silo's poster was on the wall and there were 15-20 books on the table together with the other books, regarding, generally, different cultures (Kurdish, Alevi, etc.) and philosophy. There was Yuksel and a friend there. During the two hours I was there some people approached and looked at the Book. Considering it was a working day there were plenty of people. According to Yuksel, there are more visitors during the week-end. Especially university students attend during the week-end. Until now, Yuksel has sold 8 books. Six were sold to people visiting the fair and the other two were bought by Mehtap. Among the six buyers, one bought it because he spoke Spanish, Yuksel told me. He said that every day he sold 2 or 3 books of the Message.

This was my small experience this afternoon. I have included some pictures so that you can see the fair.

Un abrazo para todos.
Altug Akyel

21 march in Ankara

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Hello friends,

Today, March 21, 2012 was a day full of good events.
Peter had a date with Altug in Kizilay to spend some time together. First we went to a photocopying store to make copies of the calendar and list of libraries to give our friends in the weekly meeting of the Message. After, we went to a terrace on top of a building in Kizilay to eat and chat and we stayed there for a while talking about interesting things regarding our issues. Later, Peter took Altug to pick up some pants he had bought and had to be fixed. But before leaving the building, on the terrace, we met with Mesut and Ali, a very happy and surprising encounter. On the street going to pick up the pants, we met Handan and it wasn’t a simple coincidence. Another happy meeting and we chatted for a while. After having picked up the pants, Altug took Peter to an underground passageway full of bookstores, a book market, then going back to Kizilay, still chatting and in good company with one another. We went to the bookstore where we knew from Yüksel we would find the book of the Message. We went in and asked for the book and they told us to go downstairs and talk to the owner. And so we did. The owner confirmed that the book was already catalogued and in the bookstores webpage. So people can ask for the book also through internet. The owner went upstairs with us, holding the books, and puts them in a section called “New Titles” saying that the book will stay there for a month and then will be moved to another part of the library. So Altug bought the book, with this milestone, he is the first person in Turkey to have bought the book. We took some pictures in the bookstore and in the entrance where we asked a couple who was there to take a picture of us, which they did with much enjoyment.
We finished our walk in the direction of Ardiç café where we had a cup of Salep, greeting the owner and Emine who was happy to see us. So we had the idea that it would be nice to do a presentation in this place and we were going to ask Aylin to organize this with the owner.
In the meantime, it was already 18h and Peter had to go home to prepare to welcome the friends coming for the meeting. We said goodbye with much affection.
At 18:30, Neyla, Zehra’s younger sister, arrived at home, which was a surprise since we didn’t know she was coming. Peter trying to talk to her for half an hour using Google Translator. Neyla very dynamic and friendly and looked for a Alevi sema on youtube and it was so beautiful that Peter immediately put it on his facebook page. We had chai and lots of fun in not understanding each other’s languages; fortunately, Huseyin arrived at 19h back from a visit to his niece. Conversation became normal with Huseyin’s translations and they also talked between them in Turkish. A while later Handan arrived, she was also happy, then Aylin with her very nice friend, Mert. Aylin arrived hungry and was looking for something to eat in the freezer. A very loose and friendly atmosphere was created. Neyla serving tea, Aylin eating as well as the others, but they were eating large quantities of sunflower seeds someone had brought. Ali also arrived, he said Mesut couldn’t come because he had to work. So we stayed in the kitchen for a while with animated chats between everyone and Peter distributing the list of libraries to everyone.

At 20h we moved to the salita, to begin the ceremonies. Right before starting, Handan asked Peter if he wanted to say something. Peter happily says that now we have the book, after a year and a half of continuous and sustained volunteer work by friend in Turkey and abroad and he explained again that the publishing was financed by volunteer contributions of many friends. He also expresses his desire that weekly meetings may continue after he leaves Ankara tomorrow. So Mert asks some interesting questions wanting to know from where this Message come from and other things, which gave us the opportunity to say something more about Silo and the Message. A very warm and quiet atmosphere was created, so when we started with the ceremonies, something very special was in the air. Huseyin guided the Service and Aylin the Well Being with Askings expressed to various dear ones who have some difficulties or serious health problems. At the end, spontaneous, heartfelt and moving hugs, followed by a wave of contagious joy. Neyla invited us for more tea in the kitchen which she had prepared before the ceremonies began. So we continued talking in the kitchen and Yüksel, who couldn’t come earlier because he had to go to the airport to pick up a friend, arrived. The atmosphere was so nice and so loose, a real pleasure for all. At a certain point, Mert took the book and started reading for a while, in the midst of the conversations around him. He had expressed that maybe it would be better to prepare new persons before they come to the ceremonies to explain what it is about and also asked that the pauses by longer to concentrate better in what the ceremonies propose. So it was a good opportunity to talk about this and also, now that we have the book, we can make sure new friends can become familiar with the texts of the ceremonies before they come for the first time. Everything beautiful, like a person who comes for the first time and expresses his need to penetrate better what the ceremonies propose.

At a certain point, Yüksel starting preparing the famous Kurdish coffee (which is not coffee), taking his time. This time he put extra ingredients, a kind of seed, everything very tasty. Joy and animated conversations continued, finishing with reading the coffee grounds, by Aylin and Huseyin, like people here do socially. Lots of fun and in a good mood.
So wonderful that nobody wanted to leave. But at 23h our friends said goodbye to Peter, who is leaving tomorrow, with lots of hugs and good wishes. Yüksel stayed and together with Peter and Huseyin moved the books and Huseyin’s wardrobe downstairs as was his wish.
After Yüksel went home and Huseyin and Peter talked for a long while in the kitchen. Huseyin is going back tomorrow to Diyarbakir. He is very happy and glad with his one week stay in Ankara, with all the friends who love him very much.
Well, friends, this is our part of the report for the moment. We thank you all for your good, encouraging reactions.

Un grand y alegre abrazo,
Altug, Handan, Aylin, Neyla, Mert, Ali, Yüksel, Huseyin y Peter



The book presentation tour in turkish cities

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Today in Ankara in Ankara 20 march 2012

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Hello friends,

Today, March 20, 2012 was a very sunny day with very pleasant temperatures. So we made the most of the day and went for a walk in the park close to home to have tea and take some sun.
At 18h Yüksel and Mustafa came home with 300 books of Silo’s Message in Turkish. It was a very special moment, a milestone and the end of a long period of translations, revisions, re-revisions, etc.
What joy to hold the book in our hands. Furthermore, it is beautiful.
We had chai and sweets with Yüksel and Mustafa and we showed him the poster and the editor’s news in Turkish they had not seen yet. We made sure they knew how to download the file of the poster and we sent it and Publisher News to their emails. Now we are waiting for the file of the press kit so that everything will be printed by tomorrow.

At 19h, Zehra arrived and half an hour later Mehtap, we had a date with them to continue the issue of fairs and tours. Huseyin and Yüksel also came and Huseyin was on the computer to fill in the spreadsheet with the list of bookstores with addresses and phone numbers.
In the meantime, in the kitchen, Mehtap and Zehra were working on the abovementioned issue. We agreed that there will be pictures in the stand in the Ankara fair, together with small tales in Turkish and English for the blog. Zehra, Mehtap and Altug will be at the stand this week end and Zehra also on Friday. During the week, our friends will support whenever they can, because they all work.
They asked how to present the book and we explained that we don’t know, but that there are very beautiful and informative texts in the kit and  Publisher News , with information on Silo and more. That it would be wonderful if there could be some kind of testimony of their experiences with the Message and maybe we could suggest to do a ceremony so the people could have an experience themselves.
We also talked about the need of a distance communication so that we can follow how the calendar will fill up with presentation events in various places. Cafés, libraries, cultural centers, etc. Mehtap is willing to take care of this. Zehra will talk to  her husband who is active in Ankara’s Alevi center. Well, giving images and interchanging on possibilities. We also said it would be very interesting if all of the friends who have family and friends in other cities, inform them about the tours asking for their help. We know we need translators and we have few and it would be necessary to cover all cities. So this issue is also included in asking friends and family for help.
There was also an interesting proposal. It seems that in August there is a three day Alevi festival in a place called Hacibektas (August 16, 17 and 18) and Mehtap and Zehra want us to do something there as well and are willing to go there. We agreed to give news of this to our friends abroad who can’t come in June or July, but could participate in August. Furthermore, they said, supported by Huseyin, we could organize a mini tour in august, including other interesting festival places. So it was very animated.
In the meantime Altug called to see how we were. Very nice.
At 20:30 we decided to have dinner which Peter had prepared before and the conversations continued while we were eating. Mehtap proposed some ceremonies. So we moved to the salita and Zehra guided the Service and Well being with the printed book. It was a very beautiful and intimate atmosphere, very calm and smooth. At the end there was a lot of happiness, hugs of joy.
Mehtap and Zehra left at 22h and Peter and Yüksel continued with the list of libraries. The first list is ready but many are still missing. Yüksel was not satisfied with the libraries he had on his list and wanted to find better ones.
So he will put more information during the coming days and send back the file.
So, this is it for today. Tomorrow there will be the weekly meeting of experiences and we hope many friends will attend.

Un fuerte abrazo,
Yüksel, Mehtap, Zehra, Huseyin y Peter

Today in Ankara in Ankara 19 march 2012

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Hello friends,

Today, March 19th 2012, started with Yüksel & Mustafa’s arrival at noon, with 2 proofs of the published book with cover. The color is perfect and exactly the same as the Dutch book which had the color we wanted. So we accepted and Yüksel called the printing house immediately to give the OK. Tomorrow at 19h we will have the books ready to distribute in bookstores and 300 copies at home for us.
In the meantime, Altug called saying that he had almost finished the translation of the press kit and that he would send the text to Peter & Huseyin at 14h. Huseyin revised, fixing some of the grammar and we already sent the text to Eduardo and Alvaro so they can start the design in Turkish.
We invited Altug to come to the meeting to prepare the calendar of the tours and other. At that moment he didn’t know if he could come.
At 17h Aylin called to invite us to have tea in Kizilay, Huseyin & Peter left the house and met on the stairs Yüksel &... Altug. So we decided to go together to Kizily to meet Aylin. Asking Altug if his arrival together with Yüksel was a coincidence, he explained that Yüksel had called asking him to come sign the contract between the editor and author in order to make the translation in Turkish official.
At least this is what we understood. Altug, very available, agreed.
After a good conversation on the terrace of a new café we had never been to, Altug & Peter went home at 18:30 to receive the friends coming to the 19h meeting. On the way, they met Yüksel & Mustafa who said they had to fix some things and would come later. At home, Peter started preparing food for after, talking to Altug as time passed. At 20h nobody had arrived yet. So we started calling  Huseyin, Aylin &Yüksel confirmed they were about to come, Mehtap was with Bülent & Olcaytug in Kizilay to fix some bank issue with Bülent. We asked Mehtap if she could come and she proposed to come together with Bülent and Olcaytug. Mesut also called to know if he and Ali could go home and we explained about the meeting and that they were welcome. Everything started a bit chaotic with immediate proposals on what and where to do things for the presentation and it took a while before everyone understood that first of all we need to set the calendar of the tours and then fill it with events, presentations, etc.
Once it was understood everyone started discussing the sequence of the cities and the time of stay in each one. The result was that the tour begins on June 2 in Istanbul where we will stay for 4 days for multiple presentation. After, days 6 and 7 in Bursa, travelling on the 6th early in the morning (it’s a 3 hour trip). After Bursa we will go to Izmir where we will stay for 3 days, 9, 10 and 11 June. The 8th is for travelling. On June 12th we will travel to Antalya which is far away and stay there on June 13, 14 and 15. On the 16th another day of travel to arrive in Ankara where we will stay on June 17, 18 and 19. From Ankara we will go to Eskeshir (one hour and a half from Ankara), we will stay there on June 21 and 22 and that will be the end of the Western tour. After there will be a pause of 10 days.

The Eastern tour will begin on July 3 and 4 in Antep. On the 5th we will travel to Urfa where we will stay July 6 and 7. On July 8th we travel to Dyiarbakir where we will stay on July 9, 10 and 11. On July 12, 13 and 14 we will be in Mardin, an hour and a half away from Dyiarbakir and we will go back to Dyiarbakir to sleep. On July 15 and 16 we will be in Batman, also close to Dyiarbakir (2 hours trip) and we will again go back to sleep in Dyiarbakir. On July 17th we will travel to Mus (Warto province) which is further away and we will be in this city on July 18 and 19. We will stay in Van on July 24, 25 and 26. There will be 3 free days and we will see what to do there. On the 23rd we travel to Van and stay until 27th to Tunceli, where we will stay from July 28th to August 1st. There the Eastern tour will end. The Eastern tour coincides with the festivals of the different cities.
The cities which have important airports are Urfa, Antep, Dyiarbakir. This can facilitate arrivals of friends who will come to part of the tour. This is what came out of the meeting. After we talked about how to fill this calendar with Book presentation events giving examples. Our friends confirmed they will take care of us through their contacts and of course including presentations in bookstores which have the book in stock.
There was also the proposal of printing a bookmark. They want to put Silo’s image and a Principle of valid action and some reference, to distribute it in many libraries. This could give a signal to people which will make them curious about the book. Yüksel said we could print it for free.

Tomorrow Mehtap and Zehra and also Yüksel to continue with this issue.
Regarding the Ankara book fair, Yüksel announced he has organized with Mehtap, Zehra, Altug, Aylin & Bülent for support with their presence on the different days.
The press kit, the pamphlet about Silo and the poster will be printed and ready this Friday to be used in the fair’s stand.

At 22:30 everyone left except for Altug and Yüksel who stayed to eat together.
It was a busy day and full of things, finally accompanied by Spring temperatures.
We will prepare an Excel table of the calendars we will send soon.

Un fuerte abrazo,

Yüksel, Altug, Huseyin y Peter

Today in Ankara in Ankara 18 march 2012

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Hello friends,

Today began again with Yüksel arriving at home and preparing one of his delicious Kurdish breakfasts. After breakfast and since the day was sunny with Spring temperature, we decided to take a walk in the park Huseyin, Yüksel, and Peter. We finished in a terrace in the middle of the park where we had chai out in the open and talked a lot about the fire workshop and the human process. After, we continued our walk in this very sunny day. Going back home we bought some food to prepare a good dinner in honor of Altug who arrived at 18h. The four of us ate and Altug telling us his experiences with his job as interpreter and we could see how happy he was.
After the food, Altug got his laptop and continued the translation of the texts we need to print the banner of the book of Silo’s Message, the press kit and the flyer about Silo. So we managed already to send 2 out of 3 text to Eduardo and Altug promised that tomorrow the text of the press kit would be ready. In the meantime, Yüksel, was busy with the list of libraries and the calendar of the tours for the meeting tomorrow. And Huseyin revising the grammar in Altug’s translation. So, gratifying teamwork among good friends.
We also had a beautiful conversation with Altug about the issue of Force, he asking things and talking about his experience.

At 22h Altug and Yüksel went to their homes. Huseyin wanted to talk and interchange about issues of yesterday’s seminar and we passed a very beautiful and intense moment which lasted until half past midnight.
Altug will come to the weekly meeting of experiences this Wednesday, as well as Mesut and Ali, whom we had contacts with today.

It was a day of lots of friendship and we are all very happy.
Un fuerte abrazo,
Altug, Yüksel, Huseyin y Peter

Seminar of the Message in Ankara 17 March 2012

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Hello friends

Today we had the seminar about deep and essential change.
The day began, with Yüksel’s arrival at 11h to prepare a Kurdish breakfast. He started cooking right away because a Kurdish breakfast needs a lot of work.
Yüksel invited Handan and Aylin to have breakfast with us and so we did, Yüksel, Huseyin, Handan, Aylin and Peter and it was a great, new experience.

Between 12:30 and 13:30 the other friends arrived and each one had some breakfast. At 13:30 we started the seminar with 7 participants Yüksel, Huseyin, Handan, Zehra, Mehtap, Aylin & Mustafa. Mustafa couldn’t stay until the end but everyone welcomed him for the time he could stay. Unfortunately Mehtap was sick and had to leave in the middle to cure herself. Nothing serious but she was not in conditions to continue. Before she left we sent her lots of affection and well being. The other 5 friends worked for 5 hours and very intensely. The interchanges were long and rich. Everyone satisfied and happy with the discoveries made and in the end with reciprocal thanks with very intense feelings. There was lots of energy, lots of will to put themselves in this important issue. There were short breaks to have chai and sweets.

After the seminar everyone stayed a little bit longer to continue chatting before leaving. Handan stayed to dinner with Yüksel, Huseyin & Peter, once more prepared by Yüksel
After Handan went home, we went for a walk and to have chai and salep.
We called Altug and set a date with him tomorrow at 17h to see the issue of the press kit and pamphlet on Silo and that he tells us his experiences with his new job as Spanish interpreter for the Latin American embassies. He translated half of the texts and will finish the rest tomorrow. So everything very well.

It was an excellent day and we are all thankful. Un fuerte abrazo,
Huseyin, Handan, Zehra, Mehtap, Aylin, Yüksel, Mustafa y Peter

Ankara, 16 March 2012

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Hello friends,

Today was a cleaning day so that the house was beautiful for tomorrow.
Huseyin had something to do with university and Peter fixed the economy of the house.

At 18:30 Yüksel arrived and we had chai the three of us and talked about the printing of the book. This Monday Yüksel will go to the printing house to pick up a proof of the book cover and will bring it home so that Peter can check if the color is good. We think it will be because we passed the pantone number and the YCMK of the color. We also talked about the bookstores which will receive the book and Yüksel explained that, in a first moment, it would be better only the bookstores he knows well and that are viable. There are 15 with stores in other cities. Peter commented that anyway the book should be in the bookstores of the cities of the tour. Yüksel confirmed that it would be so. He aslo promised that this Monday we would have the list of the bookstores by city with their address to give our friends of the nucleus of the Message here and they can divulge this information so that their friends can go buy the book in the bookstores. In Ankara, the book with be in the libraries on Wednesday, in the East i twill take 5 days and for the other cities in the West, including Istanbul, 2 days. So that before the end of next week it will be in all of the libraries chosen by Yüksel. Also Monday we will have the calendar of the tours for its divulgation. We will have to translate it from Turkish to English to put it on the web and the blog in 3 languages.
Yüksel wanted to eat so he prepared one of his tasty foods. In the meantime, Huseyin called Yusuf inviting him to come. At around 19:30, Yusuf arrived and we invited him to dinner. In the beginning he didn’t want to eat, but Yüksel insisted and he let himself be persuaded. The three chatted among themselves during the lovely dinner, laughing a lot, while Peter watched interested and Huseyin once in a while summarising in English what they had been talking about. We finished with chai and sweets and Yusuf and Yüksel left at around 21h. After Huseyin and Peter had a long conversation about the Message relating it to personal change and reconciliation. After Huseyin dedicated himself to the translation of some texts which are part of tomorrow’s seminar and is still doing so. The atmosphere is very good and reciprocal and we are happy.

Again it was a cold day and we hope that in the next days some sun will appear and some sign of Spring which would be very welcome.

Un fuerte abrazo para todos,
Huseyin y Peter

15 March 2012 Ankara

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Hello friends,

Today Yüksel came back from Dyiarbakir and we had chai. After Peter went shopping for dinner in honor of Huseyin’s arrival from Istanbul.

At 16:30 Aylin arrived and at 17:00 Huseyin. We went to the kitchen with a new chai and chatting. In the meantime, Peter prepared dinner and called Handan to invite her as well. A while later Yüksel arrived and we called Mehtap who’s birthday it was today, to give her our best wishes for her new year of life. She was very thankful for our call and was going to celebrate with her family. At 18:30 Handan came and we started eating our lovely meal, accompanied by beautiful conversation. This took place in a very light and joyful atmosphere as it usually is. Yüksel prepared a good Kurdish coffee, which is not actually coffee but is very tasty and after we had fun reading the coffee grounds as is the custom here. Handan and Aylin reconfirmed their participation to the seminar this Saturday and of course Huseyin will be here as well. We also talked about next Monday’s meeting to continue preparing the fairs and tours. This time Aylin, Handan, Huseyin and Yüksel will be there as well, besides the friends already present. Yüksel promised to come with the complete calendar.

Our friends left at 21h, Peter and Huseyin talked a wonderful while longer.

Very beautiful things happen in these conversations with friends and strengthen the friendship between us.
Not much more for today.

Un fuerte abrazo,
Huseyin y Peter

Istanbul, 14 March 2012

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Hello Peter,

Thank you very much for your reports and congratulations for all the enthusiasm you are putting to create this atmosphere which is so unusual and which seems to be giving signals of something different from the one we live in ordinary lilfe.

Congratulations also for following the printing of the book, it is a milestone in the process of the Message in Turkey, we hope it will soon be in the hands of many friends and that it can inspire them.

We are also very happy here since in the past days we were in touch with Dilek who came to visit us and we talked to her, interchanged about the experience like I commented yesterday as well as with another girl we met on the boat, dedicated to photography, her name in Nurcan and we were talking to her and having tea, she was interested in when the Book of the Message would be available so she could read it and meditate about its sayings. We were also with Güner and Zübeyir in the past days, who like the meetings and like the idea of the Eastern Turkey tour.

This morning we were again with Dilek who taught us some beautiful places in Istanbul we were not aware of and we continued talking and deepening in a warm and amiable relationship.

We invited her this afternoon since we were having dinner and wanted to invite friends and acquaintances. She invited Katibe and Judit had invited various others like Ozcan, Musa (a friend of Dilek’s), Adem (a friend of Musa), and Güner & Zübeyir (friends of Jönturk).

Ozcan arrived at 17h (he is the translator of the book together with Altug) and we were talking a lot, it had been a while since we last saw him, since he is very busy these days and though he said he could only stay until 20h he ended up staying for the ceremonies as well as dinner.

So we prepared some potato tortillas, very nice, and a salad, besides desert brought by Ana and Musa.

We went to pick up Hüseyin at the port, since he was in Istanbul for work and came to Kadiköy in time to start the ceremonies.

Ozcan and Huseyin guided a Service and a Well Being asking for Jönturk, Zeynep and Adem’s sister who has cancer.

The experience was very beautiful and we noticed that our friends were comfortable, so we soon celebrated with a wonderful dinner and we all enjoyed the company of our friends.

Soon we were talking with Hüseyin and Jönturk about the situation in Turkey, about the tours and about the book, so we were in tune with the atmosphere in Ankara surrounding ceremonies, participation and atmosphere. It was very beautiful feel this simultaneity.

We now have another “salita” in Diyarbakir, according to what Hüseyin told us where we could go to in our next trips, since he prepared an ambit for our ceremonies and is very happy that, besides Ankara and Istanbul, Diyarbakir has also been added.

Surely, in the book presentations, in the Fairs and Tours, Diyarbakir can be activated more and maybe some other place, this would be very interesting, as a phenomenon of projection of the Message.

I am sending some pictures of these past days and of today’s ceremonies.

Un fuerte abrazo

Weekly meeting of the Message in Ankara (March 14th)

(leer en español) 
Hello friends,

Today, during the day Peter and Mustafa went to the publishing house to see the color of the paper of the book. They managed to produce a perfect color, a little bit yellow. We checked the color of the cover once more and passed by phone the exact pantone and CMYK numbers. We hope that with this the publishing house can print it in the exact color. If possible, the 1,000 copies will be ready on Saturday, if not, Monday at the latest. So until now, everything well.

At 18:30 the first friends arrived for our weekly meeting of experiences of the Message. Zehra and Mehtap and a while later Zeynep and a friend of hers Günsel. Mehtap made a good chai and after Handan arrived. We talked in the kitchen and in the salita, waiting for Bülent, Olcaytug and Sultan, a friend of both, who announced they would arrive in 10 minutes. So, everything very fast and at 19:30 arrived Haci and Kenan, a new friend as well. So we started the meeting at 19:30 with 11 participants of which 3 had come for the first time.

Mehtap and Zehra explained a little bit to the newcomers how the ceremonies are and then Mehtap and Zehra guided the Service very well. After, there was a small pause to give those present time to express their wishes for their dear ones. Besides sending Well Being to a young 14-year niece of Günsel who has to undergo difficult surgery, and to Ümit and his mom, and to a friend of Bülent’s, Ali, everyone wanted to asked that politicians in Turkey and in the world stop violence and illuminated themselves for nonviolence.

And so it was, a very well guided ceremony by Zehra and Mehtap, with good pauses so everyone could formulate, visualize and send their Well Being to the those it was addressed to.

In the end there was a very good and almost silent atmosphere and we started, little by little, hugs and spreading of the best in ourselves.

After, of course, there was chai again and Bülent gave us a moment of guitar music accompanied by Sultan’s voice. A very calm atmosphere of intimate joy.

Zehra, Handan, Bülent, Olcaytug and Mehtap reconfirmed their participation to the seminar Saturday, on the issue of deep internal change. So we think we will be 7 participants, together with Yüksel, Huseyin who is arriving tomorrow to Ankara and stay for several days.

At 20:30 everyone had to leave for various reasons. Everything was very beautiful.

Un fuerte abrazo,


17 Mart 2012 tarihinde  Saat 12 de  Derin ve Temel Degisiklik konulu Seminer gerceklestirilecektir. Ilgilenen herkesi bekliyoruz.
Adres : Cemre Sokak  No :9-3   Kolej  Ankara

13 March, Ankara

(leer en español) 
Dear friends,

Today Mustafa and Yüksel called during the day. Mustafa to agree to meet tomorrow at 11h to go to the printing house. I think Yüksel called to see if I was ok. We couldn't talk much because of the language but now he can say some words in English.
At 18h Handan called and we agreed that she would pass by the house. A while later Olcaytug called announcing he was about to come. In the meantime, Peter prepared pancakes for Handan and the others who were about to come.
Handan arrived at 18:30, very happy because she was feeling better today. We made her a cheese pancake which she liked a lot and spoke English so she could practice. Peter told her everything about yesterday's meeting and she will participate in the next one, next Monday.
Bülent arrived, he didn't want any pancakes. Bülent made a very good chai and we continued talking. The issue was today's freeing from prison of those responsible for burning many Alevi in a hotel where they were gathered 20 years ago. It is a very sensitive issue for them. It seems there were protests in Kizilay attended by 5,000 people. So they spoke about this for some time and in the meantime Haci, a friend of Bülent's arrived. A while later, Olcaytug also comes. We informed again Olcaytug about yesterday's meeting and he said he had friends in Izmir and Antalya and that he wants to participate in the Western tour. He is also willing to help in the Ankara book fair and will come to Monday's meeting.
Bülent, Handan and Olcaytug also confirmed their participation to the Saturday seminar, about deep, internal change. In the meantime, Huseyin calls and tells us he is with Yüksel and that everything is very well. He announced his arrival in Ankara next Thursday and confirms he will stay for the seminar. Handan also talked to Huseyin for a while and the others greeted him out loud Meraba, Meraba.
At 20:30 everyone left, Handan and Bülent will invite friends to the weekly meeting tomorrow. Mehtap and Zehra said the same yesterday, so, hopefully the house will be full of friends tomorrow.
This is it for now. There was rain and the day was very grey. Spring is not announcing itself here.

Un fuerte abrazo para todos,


12 Marzo Ankara,first meeting about the 3 book fairs of Ankara, Izmir, Diyarbakir and the two tours of June and July

(leer en español) 
Hola amigos, 

This morning, March 12th, Mustafa came home to pick up the final versions of the files for publishing. Later, Yüksel and Mustafa went to the printing house to start the Book’s publishing.

In the afternoon, Peter prepared food for the friends who were coming at 19h for our first meeting about the 3 book fairs of Ankara, Izmir, Diyarbakir and the two tours of June and July. Bülent & Mustafa were the first to arrive, a little bit later came Zehra and Mehtap. So we were 5 persons and we started the meeting very good-naturedly, accompanied by chai and sweets. Peter made an introduction, talking about the book’s situation, the fairs, the tours and what we wanted with all of that. Mustafa informed us about the book’s budget, it will be ready this Saturday and that this Wednesday, he and I, will go to the printing house to watch the printing of the first book. We imagine it will be the proof. So it appears that we will have the books before we expected. There was an animated interchange about what was explained. Each one expressed how they would participate. Mustafa will attend the three fairs of the 4 days in Ankara (together with Yüksel) of the Western tour. Mustafa told us Yüksel would attend all of the Eastern tour. Bülent wants to participate in the whole Eastern tour and we asked him to please take his guitar. Mehtap wants to participate 3 days in Antep where she has friends and family and Zehra and Mehtap want to participate to the Tuncelli festival. Zehra also has family in Antep and will inform them. So we gave this issue a headstart. We all agreed that everyone will have the list of tours filled in with the missing data and Mustafa promised that he will push Yüksel to have the list ready before the weekly meeting of March 21st, so that all those attending may express themselves about how and where they want to participate, besides the friends coming from abroad. Mehtap also expressed she could be at the stand of the Ankara fair during the week end (Saturday and Sunday). We also talked about the multiple possibilities of presenting the Book, speaking at universities, cultural centers and organizations. Zehra immediately was very interested in doing a presentation in the big Alevi center we know. She will talk to her contacts there. We also talked about the need to include more and more people and to use the weekly meetings to keep them informed (after the ceremonies) on one hand and on the other, to use the house to organize meetings with those interested in the same goal of having a growing participation. For the moment we agreed that Zehra, Mehtap, Mustafa and Bülent will be those coordinating the information and keeping us posted.

Finally, we explained once again how the Book’s financing works and the importance that this information pass in all weekly meetings. That everyone know and those who want to contribute know who to give the money to. They will keep it at home until Eduardo comes back in May.

We finished by saying it would be good to have other meetings with other people interested and that Peter is available until he will leave on March 22nd.

All of this took about an hour and a half and was very loose. Mehtap again translating everything perfectly.

Her availability is great and we are very grateful.

At this moment Olcaytug arrives and we set a date for tomorrow, together with Bülent, to talk about all of this tomorrow.

Bülent & Olcaytug had to leave so 4 of us ate. Our friends liked the food and Zehra had brought desert. After the food, Mustafa had to go and 3 of us stayed, Zehra and Mehtap talking animatedly, it was a pleasure to watch. Later, with chai we talked more deeply about the issue of the askings and who to ask. It was very interesting, the whole interchange which lasted until about 22h.

Peter called Altug at around 19h after having discovered he had been trying to reach him in the last three days on his old phone number, until he managed to get the new number from Eduardo. This time, of course, Altug answered immediately. We talked about the urgency of the translation of the Press kit and pamphlet about Silo and Altug answered right away he would translate it tonight while he was in the kiosk. His availability is legendary and we are very grateful.

So this was today.

Con un fuerte abrazo para todos,

11 March Ankara, a day of beautiful encounters in different places

(leer en español) 
Hello friends,

Today, Sunday, I had a date with  Yüksel  at 13h. He arrived at 12:30 and suggested we take a walk around Kizilay.  Yüksel  took me to a cafe in the walking area with a big and well heated terrace. There wasn't much of a chance to chat because of the language difficulties, but we watched the people strolling and tried to say something by using the dictionary. In the meantime he was calling his friends, as well as Mehtap and Zehra. Zehra arrived half an hour later with her happy and contagious spirit, together will a friend of  Yüksel 's called Umut. Very nice. So we tried to talk but actually they were talking among themselves and this gave us the opportunity to look at them and connect with each one, following their conversation. Once in a while Zehra made an effort of saying something in English and with smiles and gestures we managed to understand each other pretty well. After a half hour Mehtap arrived and we could talk with a simultaneous translation by Mehtap, from Turkish to English and English to Turkish. She does it so well and we are very grateful for her efforts. We spoke about many different things but the common intangible was about how to treat internally those who treat others badly (politicians, etc.) and we treated the issue of treating others as you want to be treated, and how, if one makes an effort to do this, something changes in connection with the human and our own problems diminish. Everyone has problems, but if everyone used this principle, trying to put it in practice, life would change. Because we would be giving our best. We talked about this a lot and at a certain point Umut started asking questions about how to produce personal change and so we said that, basically, there is a little daily work in the direction proposed by the principle and that we do ceremonies to connect with something deep within one's self. Umut was immediately interested but his job starts in the afternoon until night. So we proposed to  Yüksel  to create an opportunity for Umut to participate in the ceremonies by having them the afternoon in the house and there invite other friends who have the same time tables. So we'll see what happens with that. At 16:30 we said good-bye to Zehra and Mehtap and  Yüksel  invited me to dinner in a  typical Kurdish restaurant. Umut walked us part of the way, giving his arm to Peter like it is done here with good friends. He was very happy. We said good-bye to Umut who had to go back to his house and wife, and  Yüksel took me to this place; however, it was closed. After a moment of disappointment by  Yüksel he decided to take me somwhere else close by called Urfa Sofrani which also serve Kurdish food. There we ate very well and Peter managed to pay for the food as an act of thanksgiving. It is the first time  Yüksel let us pay for a meal and after Peter insisted a lot. Everyone happy, even the owners who were very aimable.
 In the meantime, there was phone contact with Handan and Aylin. Handan wanted to go back to her house after an English course and Aylin was waiting for us at Ardiç cafe. So we arrived at 18h at Ardiç cafe where we were warmly received by the owner. It seems he is happy when we come. After a first chai,  Yüksel announced he had to get his plane ticket to Dyiarbakir but would be back. So Aylin and Peter talked using the dictionary, sometimes helped by a friend who works there and speaks English pretty well. Again, there were many friends of Aylin and I proposed she invite all of them to the next meeting. A conversation began about the fear Turks have of things they do not know and we talked about the fear people feel in general and that this does not help their lives very much. There is a lot of distraction from what is really important, which is connecting internally. And what is there to be afraid of if all we are doing is offering an experience. Well, while Aylin and Peter were talking about this, the friends from the other side of the room started looking at us and we said meraba (hello) out loud and they answer in the same way and smile and everything. Soon, one stands up and comes to our table. He sits down and starts asking us what we are doing and Aylin tells him in short all that we were talking about. He is called
Özhan and speaks English. So we started another conversation with him talking about the need for deep change and other things and ended up inviting him to the meeting and giving him a calling card. Everything beautiful and animated. He went back to his table with his other friends and a while later a girl gets up and comes to sit down with us. She introduces herself very warmly and laughing and Aylin talks to her for a while and we also give her a calling card. Her name is Gigdem, the name of a flower. We found out that Emine is in the kitchen and we call her and she also sits with her. We talked about her lung illness and the treatment she is receivng in the hospital and we said we would ask for her tomorrow during our meeting and also on Wednesday during our weekly meeting. Aylin also wants us to do a ceremony with Emine present one of these afternoons when she is free from work and we agreed on Friday. In the meantime, Gigdem, who had understood what we were talking about started sending energies to Emine with her hands with lots of affection. Good, again, something unusual was moving in a situation which made people do unexpected things and everyone happy. And Aylin happy because she saw her friends approaching loose and interested. They are all young. We don't know what will happen after but it doesn't matter. Something good happened during the whole day. At 20h Aylin took Peter home, stayed a while and went happily to her own house.
So it was a day of beautiful encounters in different places during which the Message was accompanying us and inspiring us. The building of a happy day, with the intentions of our dear friends.

Un fuerte abrazo,

Ankara, 05.03- 09.03.2012

March 9, the contract for printing, distribution and diffusion of the book The Message of Silo in Turkish

(leer en español) 
Dear friends

Today, Friday, March 9th, Yüksel and Eduardo signed the contract for the printing, distribution and divulgation of Silo's Message in Turkish. Times were drawn because Yüksel was full of work that day. So after having picked up the translation of the contract in Turkish at 13:30 we had to wait until Yüksel was free. In the meantime we were at home with Mustafa and we used the time to explain to him, using google translator, that we needed a detailed calendar for the two tours of June and July to send our friends so that they could schedule their participation and arrange for free days or vacation.
Yüksel arrived at 16h and arranged for the ISBN number which took some time. After we gathered in the kitchen to sign the document and seal it, since it's the law here.
Yüksel called the printing house to know the exact day the books will be ready and told us it would be March 21st. We gave him 50% of the printing costs so that he can give it to the printing house next Monday. At 17h Eduardo had to leave for Istanbul. We said good-bye to him and picked up the issue of the calendar with Yüksel and Mustafa and passed them the file with the table on a pendrive. We agreed that in a week they will have it filled with the necessary information so that we can spread it around and put on the blog and website.
Yüksel and Mustafa left at 18h and tomorrow Yüksel will travel to Dyiarbakir to visit our great friend Huseyin.
At 18:30 Mehtap called to announce she was coming over. We had a long chat until past 22h and it was beautiful because she had interesting questions and we could deepen a lot the issue of the Message, the meaning of life, internal change and other things. Also we organized a meeting for next Monday to talk and interchange about the organization and participation in the fairs and the 2 tours. Mehtap called Bulent, Aylin and Zehra, the three who don't speak English or Spanish to propose that they come on Monday for this and Zehra and Bulent confirmed they would come. We left a message to Aylin because she didn't answer the phone. Peter will call the other English speaking friends tomorrow . Mehtap wants to help translate the Manual for the formation of the Messagers. So very well and welcome.
This is it for day. We will see what tomorrow will bring.

Un fuerte abrazo,


8 Mart / March Ankara

(leer en español)
Hello friends,

the day began with Yüksel & Mustafa's arrival at home at 10:30 to takes us to the printing house where they will print the Book in order to choose the color, the quality of the paper and some other details.
We went with Mustafa's car, Eduardo, Yüksel, Judit & Peter. We spent some time crossing Ankara to finally reach this place where the publishing house was. We didn't even know in what part of Ankara we were at. After trying a little bit, Yüksel managed to pinpoint where the office of the publishing house was and we reached it after various turns in a kind of road inside the building. We were well received and Mustafa organized the space, moving a couch so that we could all sit in front of the desk of the person attending us.
It was not so easy explaining what we wanted but in the end it was OK and very clear. The books they showed as examples of their production were very well done and precise, and this makes us trustful that the Book will come out very well.
We arrived home at 13:30 and Juli and Tamas were prepairing some nice food. But... Bülent called and was waiting for us at the poets' event for Woman's Day which had already begun. So, Eduardo and Peter, had to leave again to keep a promise we had given. We arrived an hour later to the library where the event was taking place and we entered a room full of people, women, youngsters, men, and the male and female poets were behind a table where the poets were reciting, while Bülent sitting behind them, accompanied their recitals with guitar music (very beautiful). Of course, we applauded a lot even though we didn't understand anything.
Yusuf was sitting next us and at a certain moment he wrote something on a piece of paper and went to the poets' table given the piece of paper to one of them and whispering something in her ear.
A while later, after one of the woman poets had finished reciting, another one stands up and announces to the room that they were honored to receive in their event two foreign friends, indicating us with a smile. Immediately, everyone was clapping and Eduardo and Peter, taken by surprise, stood up timidly and tried to make thanksgiving gestures. Soon after, a woman arrives and warmly greets us and pins a beautiful little medal, as a gesture of honor, of the association of modern poets. We thanked her and the event continued with more poetry always accompanied by Bülent. Olcaytug was also there acting as sound engineer.
At a certain point Bulent gets up with a paper in his hand, always behind the poets' table and beautifully reads a poem, we later found out was by our friend Aydan, who was also in the big table.
A while later, the event ended and Yusuf took us to the table to greet the poets and others. We also met the library director who speaks some English and after some conversations we asded if it was possible to present a book in his library. He answered yes and we decided to talk more about it in another moment. He invited us to present the book during the book presentation week which will begin on March 27th. We explained that we wouldn't be here in Ankara anymore but we could talk to our friends so that they could do the presentation. So we agreed on that. Very amaible and distinguished mister.
After a series of family pictures with all the poets we said good-bye and went with Bülent & Olcaytug & Yusuf to Yusuf's office where we had chai and Turkish coffe. In the meantime, Eduardo explained to Yusuf we need a professional translating office for a quick translation into Turkish of the contract between the editor (Yuksel) and the author of the book of Silo's Message translated from Spanish to Turkish. Yusuf looked for a place in Kizilay, a building where there is more than one translations' office. We tried two and managed that one of them agree to have the translation ready by 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. The cost was 175 Lt. By now it was 17h, more or less. We went home and on the way Bülent & Olcaytug said good-bye to visit a friend who called. them.
At home, Judit was waiting for us, Juli and Tamas had gone to the Roman museum accompanied by Yüksel.
We tried to rest a little and eat something.
But at 17:30 Mustafa was back. An hour and a half later, Juli, Tamas and Yüksel were back and we had chai and sweets and chatted about all sorts of things.
At 20h Eduardo, Juli, Judit and Tamas went to buy their bus tickets back to Instanbul tomorrow and Peter and Yüksel went shopping for food.
The day ended with a good meal and Hungarian palachintas (pancakes) lots of laughter and a Service ceremony, with request, guided by Yuksel. He guided it really well and in the end there was a very charged and luminous atmosphere and reciprocal transmission of the same in hugs. After Yüksel went home, after an intense good-bye to Juli, Tamas and Judit since they are leaving tomorrow morning.
Tomorrow Peter and Eduardo will pick up the translation of the contract since they called saying it would be ready by not by 11h but at 13:30-
We hope to finish everything regarding the book tomorrow morning.
Os mandan un fuerte abrazo,

Eduardo, Juli, Tamas, Judit y Peter

7 mart / march Ankara

(leer en español)   
Hello friends,
Today there was the weekly meeting of the Message and there were 14 Turkish friends as well as us 5. So there were 19 persons. Zehra brought her two sisters Nejla and Lala, Zeynep his friend Özgür, who worked was a clown and in the theatre, Bülent invited a new friend Baris and Borak, Ilker and Ali returned. Then there were Handan, Mehtap, Altug, Yüksel and Zerrin. Zerrin left before the meeting began because she had an appointment. She came more for the issue of the printing of the Book, but next week she wants to participate.
The first persons arrived at 17, Zehra and her sister Lale as well as Borak came earlier. We chatted in the kitchen. At 18:30 the others came a few at a time and Zerrin to talk to Eduardo about the Book's printing, translated by Altug.
Small groups of conversation were formed and everything with a good vibes, accompanied by chai and crackers.
Around 19:00 suddenly, they start preparing in the kitchen something with vegetables and cheese Zehra, Lale and Özgür, and it appears to be pide, a Turkish specialty, which had to be taken to a wood oven in order to be cooked. So we had to wait a little until they finished and Zehra brought it to the oven somewhere close to the house. In the meantime, Handan proposed we reed the book of the Message until everyone was back and ready to begin the ceremonies. And so it was, reading the first chapter which produced some comments. At 20:20 we began with the ceremonies and Zehra and Bülent guided the Service very well, with a principle to meditate upon. It is noteworthy that when the ceremonies begin everyone is quickly silent, even though a moment before there was a lot of noise and jokes and laughter here and there.
After, we continued with the Well Being and we also asked for some of our friends present who have some difficulties in their daily lives. Everything very well and intenses and heartfelt hugs among everyone in the end. Something always happens seemingly outside of the usual and infects everyone with emotions that are more inner, deeper.
Quickly our friends organize the environment, transforming it into a dining room with our two tables and chairs and brought the pide. We ate in the very beautiful and softly happy atmosphere, talking, smokers going to the kitchen once in a while and talking there as well.
At a certain point, we explained how we finance our things and also about the printing and distributing of the Book so that no doubts remained about who finances and that everything is voluntary and that everyone contributes according to his wishes and his capacity. This was very interesting because already they were asking how would it be for Ankara and who collects and to whom they should give what is collected. So we explained that they organize among themselves, who knows, maybe with a box to put their contributions and during each weekly meeting people can put there what they want or can. Very easy and we'll see how it goes.
After this brief explanation Özgür prepares a surpires producing small animals, flowers and crowns with balloons, lots of fun, a real artist and very funny and Zehra's actress sister, Nejla, gives us a small performance, lots of fun and enchanting. In the meantime, Tamas was making pancakes in the kitchen which arrived on plates to the table and everyone very happy with this new surprise. So we were happily there until 22:30 more or less, when the majority of the friends went home. Only Borak stayed a while longer until after 23, talking to Juli and Tamas.
Again, many intangible things happened which, we believe are molding relationships among everyone and strenghtening ties. Something happens, difficult to explain, but this produces some sort of thankfulness in everyone.
Maybe the pictures captured some of this.

Un muy fuerte abrazo desde Ankara,
Juli, Tamas, Judit, Eduardo y Peter

6 Mart Ankara

(leer en español)  
Dear friends,

Today Peter had a meeting with Aylin at Ardiç cafe at 17h. Juli and Tamas went to visit the beautiful archaelogical museum in Ulus. Eduardo went to make new models of the Book with the new corrections. Furthermore, Judit, Juli and Tamas decided to organize a Hungarian dinner with friends and we dedicated some time to call various friends and invite them.
At the Ardiç cafe the owners and workers know us very well and treat us very well, in a friendly way. When Peter was with Aylin at the Ardiç cafe Bülent and Olcaytug also came and the 4 started talking, in the meantime, waiting for Eduardo, who was also supposed to stop by with 4 new books. In the meantime, Deger who was also there and we stayed to continue the relationship. We also called Mine, a student we went at this same cafe in October. She speaks English perfectly and was very happy to hear from us. She said she would come to the weekly meeting of the Message.
When Eduardo arrived with the books, everyone started reading to see if now they were OK. It was clear they were very happy that there is a book and in one more week it will be printed.
While we were in the Ardiç cafe, Mustafa, who had accompanied Eduardo before to the photocopying store to make sure they understood well how we wanted the book, went to our home to make another editing, which is his job.
After salep and chai and various conversations as well as beautiful interruptions by persons we didn't know, we went back home at 19:15. Bülent and Olcaytug had a little job to do among them and we agreed that we would see each other at home in an hour. The same with Aylin, who had to do something for Yüksel which is where she works now.
Arriving home, we found Boro, a friend from Istanbul who is spending some months in Ankara, in an intense conversation with Mustafa. Judit, Juli and Tamas were cooking, a good Hungarian soup and Hungarian pancakes. Yüksel arrived and started talking to Eduardo about the Book, the contract and some other details.
Shortly, Bülent, Olcaytug, Aylin and a friend of Bülent, who had been here last Sunday, arrived; as well as Mesut. We were 13 about to start eating. A beautiful conversation started about the price of the Book and the majority of the Turks attending agreed on 12Lt. But tomorrow at the meeting we will ask everyone so that we reach a fixed price on which everyone agrees as a good and fair price affordable to all social classes.
During this excellent dinner there were many beautiful conversations on various issues, but mainly regarding clans. And each person expressing to what clan they belonged and from where it comes from historically. Here, many friends have a lot of information about the very long history of the region which is now called Turkey. Very beautiful listening to all this in an atmosphere of warm companionship, jokes and laughter.
It gave us the impression that everyone felt comfortable and at ease and, as always, come people started washing the dishes and cleaning up, others preparing chai and everyone acting as if they were at home.
At 22:30 everything finished and almost all of them will attend the meeting tomorrow.
So it was, once again, a wonderful day and the Message in everything, a clear copresence.
Tomorrow we will see what will happen in the meeting where we will also give information on how to finance the publishing of the book to see how many friends are willing to contribute personally. We will also see the issue of the 3 book fairs and 2 tours in June and July.

Os mandan un muy fuerte abrazo,
Judith, Juli, Tamas, Eduardo y Peter 

5 Mart Ankara

(leer en español)  
Hello friends,

Today, Monday, March 5th, Eduardo and Judit returned to Ankara, together with Juli and Tamas from Budapest who came to support the project. They arrived at 17h at home and a while later Yüksel, Handan, Aylin and Mustafa arrived together and a good feeling was created introducing Juli and Tamas to the friends and they quickly familiarized. After this, Mustafa started reviewing the corrections to the Book's text with Eduardo and Judit. In the meantime, Peter showed the Blog and website of Silo's Message in Turkey to Aylin and explained how to use the blog to put texts and information. A while later, Mehtap arrived with another revised book. Zeinep also came. After having finished the editing issue, Mustafa had to go take care of his son. As usual, someone expresses the need for a Well Being ceremony. We asked Zehra, Zeinep and for the people in Van who are still living in tents and need help, and for all the people who have suffered or died because of the cold in Eastern Europe. After the ceremony, Zeinep sang us a song about a sacred bird of the Alevi, very beautiful. After that, Aylin and Yüksel took care of serving chai and small groups were formed around the pictures of the activities in Instabul, the Book's revision (with Mehtap) or to read the book of the Message. At 20:30 we decided to eat outside the house together with Yüksel. Aylin, Handan y Mehtap had to go back home. We passed a wonderful moment in Kizilay talking and laughing a lot.
We agreed to meet Aylin tomorrow at Ardiç cafe at 17h to meet her friends.
Juli and Tamas are very happy and feel comfortable in the happy atmosphere and moving people.

Un fuerte abrazo para todos,
Judith, Eduardo, Juli, Tamas y Peter

4 Mart / March (Ankara)

(leer en español)  

Hello friends,

Today, Sunday, March 4 started with Yüksel's arrival at 12:30. I had thought to cook for the friends who came but Yuksel announced he would go shopping to cook a good meal of his. So I stepped back to leave him space. After he came back home with everything he needed we started preparing. I helped cut onions, potatoes, tomatoes, and other things. At 14h sharp, Mehtap arrived all happy and after a few minutes Bulent also came. A little bit later a friend of his came we had met once at the Ardiç cafe. I went to look for the paper Eduardo had sent me so that Bulent could fill in his friends' information and we started talking, Mehtap translating. Bulent filled in the table with phone numbers of friends to whom he had talked and who were available to help in the June tour. But he also explained that on Wednesday at 19h, Aydan and Nurdan, the poets, are coming and that Nurdan has many contacts everywhere, so that, according to Bulent, it would be much better than his friends. So we agreed that after the ceremonies of the meeting, we would take up the issue with her about the tour in Western Turkey.

We had chai and a while later Mehtap starts asking questions about the Book. That there are parts she doesn't understand and I suggest we talk about this. With the Book in her had she indicates the part of the internal states and we talk about this that it is a poetic translation, difficult to capture with the rational head and we talked about the fact that the Book is always a new challenge for us as well, that it requires a process of growing deepening and comprehension and that she shouldn't worry so much. This, in short, but we talked a lot and she was happy. In this converstion, we also told her how good it would be if those interested in these issues got together in a meeting, outside the weekly meeting of ceremonies to interchange about parts of the Book and that by interchanging each one understands and verifies with his own intuitions and experiences and this would help a lot to deepen.

Continuing, she proposes to do a Well Being ceremony for sister and her husband (the one who sold us the washing machine and the freezer) because there are some problems and tensions between them. So we agreed to do so. In the meantime Peter calls Umit to invite him to come eat as well as Handan. She told us she was about to get out from the course but would come later and Umit too in some hours.

So we moved to the salita to do ceremonies. Bulent's friend didn't want to and that was OK, no problem. We asked Bulent to guide both ceremonies starting with the Service. We asked him to go very slowly and leave a good pause before doing the Asking. He did it really well, very connected and it was a beautiful and strong experience. After we continued with the Well Being, the moment Umit arrived and sat with us. Again Bulent guided very good and paused. We asked for Mehtap's sister and her husband, wishing for them a good solution, to Zehra that her family situation improves, and for those who can't see or hear which Bulent wanted. We also asked for Isabel's grandmother.

At the end there was a very well charged atmosphere of luminous energy and everyone smiling and needing to hug.

And a converstation about things that can be done in the salita began and we gave images of camarederie dinners, meetings with friends for tea and biscuits, that everything was possible, that there were no rules to follow, that yes, one can read poems or play music. The important thing is that everyone feel comfortable and leave recharged with a happy and luminous energy that he feels comforted for a moment and out of his daily problems. And that one can always include ceremonies. Well, something of the sort so that our friends feel free and inspired to use their Salita. It was clear they were happy with what we talked about.

Very happily we moved to the kitchen to eat and everyone was hungry.

At the end of an excellent meal, Peter asked Umit if he wanted to do a seminar and he said yes. We immediately included Mehtap, Bülent and Yüksel who also wanted to do a seminar. So we looked in the Manual and chose the seminar on the need for a deep and essential change. Because the issue was in the air from the conversations.

Peter asked Mehtap and Umit if they could divide among themselves some texts to translate so that all participants could receive the text during the seminar. We printed the text and they divided the parts. We scheduled the seminar for Saturday, March 17, because Yuksel this week end will be in Diyarbakir. In the Wednesday meeting we will inform everyone about the seminar, so that other friends can also sign up.

After having agreed to this, Bulent and his friend must go and we say good-bye with lots of human warmth and happiness, we move again to the living room that Peter wants to show the new Blog of Silo's Message in Turkey and the new web site. Everyone fascinated and we explain they can be active in putting things on the Blog and we showed them how to sign up as authors. As a first initiative Mehtap and Umit write the information about the seminar in Turkish and publish it on the Blog. At 18:30, Mehtap and Umit must go and they leave all luminous, happy for the good afternoon we shared. Mehtap said that she will make an intention, to come tomorrow after work with the whole Book revised for typing errors in the text.

Before leaving, Bulent announced that he will come on Wednesday with 15 friends for the meeting but after the ceremonies they will leave so that we will stay only with those involved with the issue of the tours. So very well.

Yuksel announces he must leave but will be back in two hours.

Right after everyone left, Handan who was a bit sick but hungry. So Peter prepares food and she eats with good appetite. After we repeat everything with Handan: blog and web site. And Handan fascinated with some videos that are on the web and we looked at them. In the meantime, Yuksel had come back before expected and more chai and chats. At 20:30 Handan goes home and Yuksel invites Peter for a walk on Kizilay and we finish first in Ardiç cafe and after at the Kurdish cafe where he has friends and family. We can speak easier and easier with hands and arms, gestures and Turkish words. Lots of fun and very gratifying.

We will come back at 22:30 and Yuksel happily says good-bye.

It was a day of rich conversations and things ordered with the issue of the Message and everything again in an atmosphere as smooth as running water.

A warm hug to all,
Peter and something more that was accompanying

1 Mart / Marsh (Istanbul)

Hello friends,
I like the pictures and the atmosphere you coment very much. I would also like to tell you what happened in Istanbul.
Tonight Nicki and I went from Ankara to Istanbul.
We arrived at around 7 in the morning. We met a boy who is in an engineer in the Turkish army (Air Force) his name is Burak. He is from Izmir but spent some days in Ankara and Istanbul. He helped us find our luggage and get the bus back to Kadikoy, where he also had to go.
He wanted to invite us to breakfast but since we had travelled all night and were very sleepy, we left. But we left the calling card with my number and email.
In the afternoon we went to the airport to receive Juli and Tamas. We arrived at home very quickly, bought things for the house. They were happy to obe here and they like the neighborhood very much. While I received an email from Burak who wanted to see and also was in Kadikoy and asking if we could go have coffee. I told him yes, but  to call us so we could arrange something. After that we went to Pehivan witth the
Hungarian friends. There Burak calls me. We met him and a friend of his in Boga place and went to a cafeteria to have Turkish coffee and sweets. While we were walking Burak comented he had seen Silo's
Message page and that it was very interesting, the Book, the Experience, the Path.. I was surprised that he had done so much research in one morning, not only him but also his friend.
In the cafeteria we were playing with the Principle cards, they comented that the principles were difficult and that they must be reflected upon. We ask them to think about what they need the most, their deepest wish before choosing a card. Burak takes it very seriously and thinks deeply on his need. After he told us he feels
that his whole life must be  destructured and start again. It seems it is a difficult moment in his life and he is thinking a lot about changing. We invited him to the ceremony Saturday and he says he would like to come very much but maybe tomorrow he must go back to Izmir. In any case, we agreed that when we go to Izmir for the Book presentation we will see each other. When we finished the coffee, Burak started playing with the coffee ground as if he wanted to guess something. In the table next to ours were 3 women who saw what he was doing and started laughing and talking with Burak if he really knows how to see the future. Readily Burak and his friend started saying who we were and playing with the women with the Principle cards. We laughed a lot, they were very amaible. And since they boys explained about the meeting and they asked, we also invited them Saturday. Every thing was very smooth and fun. We said good-bye to everyone after the coffee and went home. Before we called Jonturk who would come visit. We had an interesting conversation with him about many things. He talked a lot about the alevi, the history of all Turkish peoples. We invvited him again to come with us to Ankara to meet our friends there, that it would be good, that they are good people and  he could talk to them about all of these themes of the alevi, since they aer alevi. For the first time he said he would like to. He said that if the temperature was over 5° he would come. That would be fantastic, because I think it would help him to feel an ambit with the Turks in Ankara. We'll see.
The friends who arrived today, Juli and Tomi comented that so many things happened in so little time, it seemed like they had been here for various days.
And I also feel like the days here, especially the last 3-4 days contain more than the normal days. Very interesting.
I am sending some pictures.
Un gran abrazo,

1 Mart / March (Ankara)

Hello friends,

Today, March 1st we had a date with Bülent who introduced us to a woman poet Aydan Yalçin, who has received prizes for her books and has many contacts in various cities.

At 17h we arrived at our usual café, Ardiç café and while we were going up on the elevator, Bülent calls saying that he would be 10 minutes late. We went into the café and we saw a beautiful woman looking at us with an open and smiling face and there is an immediate connection, although we didn’t know yet it was Aydan. But she gets up and asks us if we came for Bulent and introduces herself as Aydan. So we say hello to her as well as to the three women who were with her. Her daughter Bengi who speaks English and two friends. One of them works for an advertising company and introduces herself as Zerrin. Right when we sat down, Bulent and Olçaytug come in and introduce us to the 4 women and we sit. At the same time, Altug arrives who wanted to see us before  doing an interpreting work in a conference a few dayas away and a while later Mustafa comes, the editor of the Book and Yuksel who is arranging the whole publishing, divulging circuit.

So there we were suddenly with 3 different issues: on one hand Bulent wants us to talk to Aydan about Silo’s Message so she can help us, on the other Mustafa who finished editing and wants to comment some things about needed changes, and Yuksel who came to continue with the issue of publishing. A wonderful chaos built but nobody seemed to mind and everybody happy. In the meantime Aydan shows us 2 of her signed book as a present and her daughter says she must translate the dedication to English, so the two of them do that before giving us the 2 books. We are very thankful. While this happens, Altug is translating to Eduardo what Mustafa shows and says about the corrections. He (Mustafa) is totally composed and calm in the middle of the sound chaos of different languages. The atmosphere is warm and happy. Yuksel says to Eduardo we better concentrate with him later on and he leaves because there is too much confusion for him.

It seems the energies are circulating freely under the apparent chaos and everything goes very well.

Aylin arrives and also joins the table.

So after a while the conversation is a little bit erratic and interrupted by other things, we enter the theme and Aydan and her friend Zerrin start asking questions which are the questions we know well and give us the opportunity to explain who we are, how we work, from where the Book comes from and other things. They expalin they have an association for Peace and Fraternity. The conversation continues with more things and chai and salep and after two hours and a half Aydan (which means moon girl) and her daughter Bengi (which means eternal) and Zerrin say good-bye very happy and we feel that  a good reciprocal contact was created. At a certain moment during our conversation Aylin comes with little wool objects made by the people from Van, the city where the earthquuake took place and where people are still living in tents. The idea is buying these object to support economically the people in Van. So we happily did so, thinking of the very bad situation they live in.

After Altug also says good-bye, Eduardo and Peter stay a little bit longer with Olçaytug and Bulent (Aylin also leaves) and we call Yuksel to meet in the house where we arrive at 21h.

Yuksel makes a simple but very tasty meal and we try to talk with him in more detail about the printing and distribution. After trying various times and trying to call Altug, we understand we have nothing to worry about, that he doesn't want to gain, neither the editor, nor the distributor and that the price give includes everything for the printing. And this with a totally firm posture. So we happily leave everything in his hands and we'll see.

This is everything for now. We stil don't know if there will be any report tomorrow because they day is empty and we'll see if it will fill with unexpected things.

Un fuerte abrazo para todos,

Eduardo y Peter