day 7 in Istanbul

Today it was heavy snow and very cold here in Istanbul. After breakfast we went to Eminönuü for a short walk. It was very nice to pass the Bosporus in heavy snowing.
When we were back home we finished a Turkish leaflet and I went to make some copies.
In the afternoon Arzu came to the Salita, we had a very nice chat with her about personal development, our personal path in our lives, our search for meaning. It seems we share the same experience with Silo's Message: when we first met with Siloism, we felt this is what we were looking for.
We called Edu on Skype, so we could talk to him as well. Later Zeynep arrived, we met her on the book launch tour, and Ana came over too. We made a ceremony and thanks to Federica we had a very good pasta for dinner. After dinner Arzu watched the last part of the video with Silo about the Experience and we continued talking in the kitchen.
Zeynep speaks very good  English and Arzu speaks very good Spanish, so the communication was easy, direct and continuous.

Big hugs,
Federica and Csefko

Day 5 in Istanbul

Today after breakfast we cleaned the house and went shopping for the dinner.

At around 2 o’clock Arzu came, we had a little chat with her. She helped to correct the Turkish leaflet.
Then we made a Ceremony and a Well-being, it was the first time for Arzu to participate in a Ceremony. After that we shortly exchanged about our experiences with the ceremony. It seems to me that here in Turkey “this kind of” experiences are not so strange for the people, many of them practice some kind of meditation at home.

Later we started to watch the film with Silo about the Experience that we couldn’t finish because Arzu had to leave for work.

Shortly after Arzu left, Armagan arrived. He was very kind and we were really happy to see each other again. We had a nice conversation about languages (he is a translator), about Turkey and about the past and the future. When Jontürk arrived, we made a ceremony together. The ceremony was very powerful and some of us had very new experiences during the ceremony.

In the evening I watched the live stream from Punta de Vacas. I was alone in the Salita during the Office, so I could follow the ceremony very well. I felt very much connected with Punta de Vacas, with the people there, I felt very strongly the presence of Silo, and again I was really grateful for his Message that is expressing itself more and more deeply in many of us and reaching more and more people all around the word.

Report of Day 5 in Istanbul

Today we spent almost the whole day in the Salita-House. In the morning we fixed the house and prepared a new material.
At 3:00 p.m. Arzu came, our Spanish teacher friend. After a chai we had together in the kitchen, we went to the Salita because she hadn’t participated in any ceremony. We did a Service and a Well Being, introduced by a relaxation. She said she liked them very much and experienced a very real sense of peace.
When the ceremonies finished we read the book for a long while, comparing the original Spanish with the Turkish. She commented that according to her the Turkish translation doesn’t fully transmit “the sense” of what she perceives when she reads the original version and she asked us, insisting very much, if she can be in charge of translations when we need them. She said she feels very comfortable with us and that her way of being more active in the project and expressing her thanks would be to translate our books into Turksih.
Before she left we watched the video of the Experience together.
An hour later, Armagan called, our first translator, who spoke with Csefko in the Salita about the political situation in Turkey. When Jonturk arrived we did a Service ceremony.
Saverio read the experience in English and Jonturk commented he had never experienced a passing of energy as strong as this time. He said we had to write it in the blog!!!
Today I also experienced the sensation that things happen by themselves and that we don’t even have to leave the house for them to happen!!!

Report of day 4 in Istanbul

This afternoon, Canan called so we could meet. Fortunately, I recognized the words Kadikoy and Salita in the conversation and she came to pick us up in a half hour. When we left to go visit her studio, Cfesko and I thought we would be back in an hour… instead we were back at 10:00 p.m.!
Soon we met a friend of hers, Yuksel, another artist who told us she was a medium.
She started telling us about some energy channels were much information is kept. She said that there are many of these channels in Turkey, especially close to Istanbul and she said that it was because this place is very much charged energetically and always has been a crossroads between cultures  and a synthesis of  the world.
After, she drew an oil painting to represent the energetic scheme of each one of us; telling us that these energies had to be directed to the centre, and if this occurs, we all benefit from cosmic energies and don’t need to practice meditation to reach this different level of consciousness, since it would always be available. Also, she said that when she draws she translates experience that come from another plane and she calls them cosmic paintings.  
While we talked, Canan’s daughter came with a Spanish friend who helped us a lot with translations.
Thanks to her help, we could introduce the issue of the Message and our experiences about were reinforced by Canan’s testimony, since she continued repeating that it was something very beautiful  and is helping the development of her life.
When the girls left, we went to visit Yuksel’s studio and from the beginning it appeared to us like a totally surrealist place, belonging to another time.
She showed us her works, drawings on canvas 2m. x 2m., which impressed us very much. Yuksel’s son came in with his girlfriend soon after and they also spoke English very well. So we also talked to them about the Message and we stayed there for a while, interchanging about our issues and the opportunity of divulging them in Turkey.
After a short rest at home, we ended the day with a very pleasant walk close to the beach.

Report of day 3 in Ankara

When I woke up, I remembered a nice situation which happened to me in the Milan airport. Before taking the plane, I met a girl at the check-in line who started talking to me in Turkish, thinking I was Turkish and was asking me to help her because she had too much luggage and didn’t want to pay the fine. I just helped translating what she needed and didn’t see her anymore until we met at the Istanbul airport. There, she insisted I take her phone number, telling me that if I needed anything in Ankara, I had to call her. So I sent her a text message telling her we were at Babil café. 

She came and from the beginning a light-hearted atmosphere was created. When I started talking to her about the Message she immediately tuned in with us. She commented that when she had told her mother she was going out to meet a girl she had met at the airport, her mother had looked at her as if she were crazy… But she said she had noticed something pushing her to come and that she was probably looking for something without knowing what it was. She said that when she came back to her city after the years spent studying in Italy, she was afraid to go back to the landscape which had not allowed her to have international relations and that we were giving her an opportunity she didn’t want to loose. As a matter of fact we spent some very inspiring hours together, touching upon many interesting issues.

When we told her we had to go fix the ambit before our friends arrived, she thanked us a lot for the talk and was very sorry not to be able to come to the Salita.
The evening was also lovely: Zeinep arrived with three friends of her which participated in the ceremonies for the first time. Huseyin stayed with them for a long while, explaining how the ceremonies worked and introducing them to the book of the Message.
In the meantime Aylin arrived and we went to the Salita where we did some very beautiful ceremonies. In that moment, I realized the reach of Huseyin’s contribution. If he hadn’t been there, it would’ve been very difficult to create such a light atmosphere with people we didn’t know and who didn’t speak our language. It was also very clear that he did so from an inner experience and that he felt an inner responsibility to present our project to the new friends.
Zeinep and one of her friends left as soon as we finished the ceremonies. The others stayed to eat together what we had prepared before.

After the food, the other two new friends left, and another very interesting situation took place with the “elders” of the Salita. We decided to look at the video of the Experience together and this opened a beautiful interchange among everyone. We all started commenting on what the Message means to all of us, giving the opportunity to Yuksel and Aylin to express their opinions and integrate the others’ experience. It was all very heartfelt and, as a matter of fact, when I was getting my things together, it was very hard for me to leave this place due to the strong emotions I felt during this visit.

Report of day 2 in Ankara.

At noon, Csefko,, Juli, Huseyin and Yuksel and I left for Ankara.
The trip was very calm and it gave us the opportunity to rest.
The first impression I had of Ankara when I got out of the bus and went into the metro was very similar to what I had felt last time… something like: what are we doing here, in this place that, compared to Istanbul, is almost dead… nothing will happen… As usual, impressions are far from reality!
At seven, we had agreed to meet with our friends from Ankara, so we hurried a little to heat the house, which was very cold and to go shopping.
Hulya arrived first, a while later Aylin came and in the meantime Yalcin called. He is a boy we met at the Spanish interchange table last November. We went to pick him up at the metro station with Csefko and brought him to the Salita.
He had never been there before and was happy to meet Huseyin, Aylin and Hulya and they started talking in Turkish.
We stayed in the kitchen for a long while, because it was hot and it gave us the chance to eat and talk at the same time!
When we started talking about the Message with Yalcin, he told us that he was a Sunni Muslim, and a strong believer. He described to us his belief, his way of coming in contact with God and his need to have faith in order to find meaning in life. Listening to him, I felt that our paths were actually very close but, of course… there was the issue of God… which seemed difficult to solve or difficult to solve during his first visit to the Salita.  
As a matter of fact, he commented that he liked the atmosphere he perceived being with us but that he had inner difficulties to participate in the ceremonies because it seemed to him he was doing something against his religione.
So he stayed in the kitchen while we did two very beautiful ceremonies which Huseyin and Yuksel read in Turkish.
When we finished the Well Being, Yalcin came in to tell us that a very good friend of his in Istanbul would have to go the hospital on the next morning to operate his brain. He decided to leave in that moment to say good-bye to him before his friend went to the hospital. I started doing askings for his friend, so that everything went well.
After he left, another interesting phenomenon occurred… Hulya, who had probably not been in the Salita for a while, said she was moved during the Well Being and that she had let go of some censorship and started telling us about some personal difficulties she was having. She expressed us, at the same time, the reference she found in that ambit and the intent she had of bringing the Message inside her life.
On my part, I was very positively impressed by what I lived in that evening and it seemed to me one could talk about the Ankara Community as a reference place for those who have begun the path of inner work and that there wasn’t a big difference from the ambits that we are building in our European cities.

Report of the meeting at the Salita of January 1st

You never know what will happen when you arrive in Turkey... This is what I repeated to myself before leaving... "don't think of anything" "don't try to plan anything" because no, things don't happen like that in Turkey.
So I arrived very joyful, very happy to be there but without a clear image of what would happen...

Csefko and Huseyin came to pick me up at the airport and their tales of the preceding days allowed me to quickly enter the atmosphere that was being created in the Salita the days before. In the meantime, Federica, Yuksel and Juli where fixing the Salita and preparing food for everyone. Canan, Arzu, Genghis and Savas were there... I couldn't have imagined it: everyone was very happy and with lots of wishes to participate!

I was very thankful of meeting Canan again and we started these very strange conversations where she doesn't speak English and I don't speak Turkish but we seem to understand each other...

Then I started talking to Arzu, a girl Judit met during her last visit and who seemed very much at ease at the Salita. She told me she works as a Spanish teacher in Istanbul and I asked her how the work opportunities were in this area. She told me it is very easy to find a job as a language teacher or translator and that she could help me if I wanted to work there... As a matter of fact, I had left Istanbul two months before with a very clear asking about the opportunity of moving there and I had found an answer as soon as I was back! I had only been in Turkey for a couple of hours and I was already completely destabilized because it seemed like time had not passed!

The night went very well. We ate together in a very lighthearted atmosphere and then we all went to the kitchen to watch Csefko and Juli make pancakes for everyone.

A while later, Alessandra and Saverio joined the group while Canan started teaching Csefko and Federica to dance, so shortly the Salita transformed again.

Arzu and Savas left before we started the ceremonies but by their looks and comments they seemd very happy and wanting to come back.

We did some very beautiful ceremonies which Huseyin and Yuksel read in Turkish and then we stayed with Canan who wanted to stay with us to comment some experiences she had. So, just this first night seemed to me longer than many days of ordinary life in my country!