Hello friend,
today was a very interesting day. Many new friends came to the house, all of them coming to do ceremonies. Zeinep, our great and dear friend, again brought new friends of hers and Menekse who was also at the meeting yesterday. So we were with Zeinep, Yüksel, Handan, Menekse, two new friends fo Zeinep's, Umit and us 4.
Zeinep arrived at 16h with some delicious cherries of her village. Mustafa also came before the meeting and together with  Yüksel, Mustafa, Judit, Eduardo, Nacho and Peter we talked about the Eastern tour with the interest of lightening the load on  Yüksel who has given a lot of himself, also economically and needs to work to recompose his business's finances. So all well and Yüksel very happy and relaxed.
When Zeinep's friends arrived, Huseyin gave them lots of information on the Message, the book and the ceremonies. They were well disposed and had time to talk and look at the book and the book of the Parks. When finally everyone was there, we were 12 persons totla, we did the ceremony of the Force and after the one of Well Being. We were very happy Ümit had come whom we had not seen yet. He will stay in Ankara all summer working in the airport to save for his next year studying. He is doing very well. Before starting the ceremonies there was chai and crackers as usual and the people said what they wanted to ask for. 
The Service was guided by Judit in Spanish and Ümit in Turkish. A very beautiful and intense atmosphere was created, new people included themselves easily. The Well Being was guided by Peter in Spanish and Ümit in Turkish. In the end people expressed themselves and one of Zeinep's friends, Turker, said that never in his life he had had the experience of having had a moment of total relief and lightness, without noise in his had or bad thoughts. So we could say that by repeating the ceremonies regularly this moment grows and takes over more and more internal space. Also Menekse expressed her experience saying she felt very happy and that she could not come before because she worked too much, although Zeinep had invited her many times. Now she see how important it is to free some time to connect inside herself. So everything very beautiful with people showing a heartfelt interest.
After these expressions and an interchange again with chai and cracker, Judit showed Handan, Ümit and Yüksel the videos of the Eastern tour they hadn't seen. There was a very fun and light atmosphere with lots of laughter and everything. At 22:30 we decided to go eat something. Handan went home but Ümit stayed with us and Yüksel took us to a café of some friends of his in Kizilay telling us we could eat there.
We were received with lots of warmth, all of Yüksel's Kurdish friends and the owner who is a teacher and is a special friend of Yüksel. From there we slowly entered a surreal world which seemed of another time, with comunist musicians mixed with Latin American music of the time of Che Guevara and other things. In the meantime waiting for more than an hour for the food. We were well and happy, having fun like kids and laughing a lot, passing a long time together and finally the food arrived. And what food. It was marvellous and served with the elegant, soft and good behavior of Yüksel's friend. It was a fantastic night saying good-bye to Eduardo and Judit who are going back to Istanbul tomorrow morning to continue to Attigliano.
Now we are back home looking at the small videos done by Eduardo and dances we did in Antalya and in Ardiz café in Ankara when Carmen, Salva, Ismael and Alvaro were still here. We laughed a lot of the fantastic climate there was among us.
Tomorrow we are going to a presentation of a documentary about the Alevi genocide of 1937, invited by Zehra. Peter, Huseyin, Nacho and Yüksel are going. Handan will also come home tomorrow and we are thinking of asking Zehra too invite some Alevi's home after the documentary, when everything will be pretty sad, to do some ceremonies. We'll see how it goes.
It was a very special day and something very subtle was in the atmosphere and in people. Again we believe the Message is accompanying us, producing elevating and light inspirations.
a big hug,
Handan, Zeinep, Huseyin, Ümit, Yüksel, Mustafa, Judit, Nacho, Eduardo and Peter