Istanbul 19-20-21 julio

Hello dear friends

I’ve arrived in Isthambul on Thursday night but, as usual, now that I’m writing (and it’s only Sunday!!) it seems that I’ve been here for a lot longer!

The good feeling that I’ve received since I’ve arrived is that every time I come I feel I’m  starting from a further step. The relations I’ve created and tried to carry on during the time I wasn’t here are a great help to start a new adventure.

What is growing inside me is this feeling of familiarity with the place and the manners of the people; how they behave, which are their reactions to us and to the Message ….

 That’s what happened with Canan, for example, who I already agreed to meet before arriving….
I met her in nice little Park in Kadidoy, where she’s practically been “living” for the last three weeks with a group of Turkish friends interested in supporting the protest that ‘s been going on here, after the “Gezi Park” “resistance”. I shared this nice atmosphere which had a kind of hippy back ground….. there were groups of people meeting in Parks, sitting on the ground sharing food and conversations while asking for a change in the ruling system.
Canan asked me from the first moment to do some ceremonies there.

In the evening we met with Aylin and Claudio and went with Sena and another two friends of hers from Ankara to have fish sandwiches and chay in a nice place by the sea. After that we saw JonTurk in Taksim. The protest time was nearly over so Gezi Park looked like an ordinary summer meeting point. I was a bit upset to have missed this part of the process because I could feel the positive energy that was coming from it through the enthusiasm  JonTurk was showing while remembering the event.   

On Saturday morning we met Nursen, a girl that Judith and Eduardo got to know on a boat trip during a previous visit to Turkey and kept contact with. And this was, for me, an example of this “funny Turkish style”….  Because we managed to have a very interesting conversation with this girl that any of us really knew about topics of the Message like the meaning of life or the purpose  of our project in Turkey. I call it “funny” because you never know what will happen when you fix an appointment with someone here … It can happen that he or she doesn’t turn up or that it becomes very difficult to have a conversation because the person is not interested in our topics or, like in this case, that we manage to have a fluent and deep conversation that goes in our direction!  
In fact, we agreed to meet with her the following Saturday to do ceremonies at our place and accompanied her to the book shop to buy “The Message” in Turkish.

In the evening we had a very nice “message meeting” at our place  with ten of us participating to it: Isabel just arrived from Italy and Julie from Hungary;  Claudio, Aylin , JonTurk , Ana,Husseyin, Eduardo Judith me and Mervan, a nice guy that we met in December and haven’t  seen for a while but who seems very interested in the Message. At eleven o’clock a part of us went to the Park to meet Canan who in the afternoon deeply asked again to  me and Judith to go there after our meeting because she wanted to integrate Silo’s Message with her social protest. We found a nice and not crowed place , sat on the ground  and did two ceremonies  with two friends of hers. Aylin read the ceremonies in Turkish and suddenly everybody looked relaxed and smiling because we could feel this “frequency” circulating among us . So we decided to organize a dinner at our place the following day and invited them.

On Sunday all of us were really happy. I woke up with the feeling of how amazing it is to get rid of all my ordinary life rumors here and how accelerated is the process here. I felt like a different person, in contact with the “Sense” , lead by a clear direction and opened to the experience.
The whole day, in fact, was really smooth, we did a lot of things but without any pressure or any particular aim but the one of feeling the joy that was coming along with our purpose.

In the afternoon while we were preparing together a nice meal, our friends started to join us: Mervan arrived with a friend; Ufuk, who we met the previous night in the Park; then Aylin Claudio, Katibe who we met in Attigliano during the Messangers’ Meeting, came along with two friends of theirs. After a while Ozan came and in the end Canan and Ahmet  joined us. So it was 18 of us! The atmosphere was superb: everybody seemed to fit perfectly to the circumstance.  We had some good translaters who helped everybody to feel at home. We were all very happy and had the sensation to live the experience of a real messangers’ community in Turkey. We really felt there was an “ambit”, not at all different to those we experience in our countries. We managed to do two ceremonies that Husseyin and Canan read in Turkish who relaxed even more the atmosphere and opened everybody’s hearts and minds. In fact we spent Another couple of hours together getting to know each other and living the message as an experience that seems to becoming always more a part of our life.

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