These days in Istambul

Dear Friends,
This is what happened in the last few days in Turkey:
On Saturday we had the weekly gathering of the Message in the salita. Jöntürk was there, as well as Dani (the Brazilian girl), Canan, Canan's friend, Cengiz, Eduardo and me.
It was a nice gathering, with good people in a friendly atmosphere. Before the ceremony Eduardo gave some explanations (Jöntürk translated) and then we did a Service. Jöntürk in Turkish, Eduardo in Spanish. It was a very good experience for me. Dani said she recognized her tensions first and by the end of the ceremony she felt much more relaxed. Cengiz, who speaks a little English, and who participated for the first time, explained us that because he is coming from an alevi background this sensibility is not new for him. Unfortunately with Canan we do not understand each other, although she and Eduardo try to speak in Turkish as much as day can, and Jöntürk tries to translate. Canan proposed to create a facebook group for Silo's Message - Kadiköy. We all thought it would be a great idea, espceially if it was in Turkish. It was also her idea to get together more often, given that she, Jöntür, Cengiz and we all live in the same nighborhoud. Finally we agreed to gather for a dinner on Sunday. And we did.

We had a wonderful dinner the next day: Eduardo made fish, Canan brought salad, I made vegetable soop and the others brought drinks. The others were: Aris (a Cuban guy whom we met in the mesa espanol on Thursday), Ebru (a friend of ours we have not met for a long time ago, and a few days ago wrote to me in facebook), Ana and Alberto (Eduardo's children), Canan, Cengiz and his wife, Eduardo and me. We had a great food and a great time together. There were lots of conversations about everything, including  the Message of course and what we are doing in Tukey.
Jöntürk told me that one day when we have good translator with us, he would like to talk more about the Message, in more detail, more deeply because he is having trouble when tryning to explain it to others. And yes, although we know that the Message primarily is an internal experience, we all know how enriching and inspiring conversations about our experiences can be, and yes, this is definitely a difficulty we are having here. So, we agreed that for this Saturday we are trying to find someone who could translate for us, even if only for one occassion, and will try to initiate a conversation about the Message with those who will be present. It could be something like the presentation of the book, but in a very informal, interactive way.
Today we arrived to Ankara with Eduardo, and tomorrow we will gather with the friends here.
I am sending some photos.
A big hug,

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