Today, July 9th in Diyarbakir, during the presentation tour of the book of Silo’s Message in Turkey

Hello friends,
Today, July 9th in Diyarbakir, alter breakfast, we received a phone call from our friends in Hatay telling us there was a great storm and they couldn’t leave the hotel. We laughed a lot with them, they all thought the situation was very funny. They also told us that the bookstore where the books are was closed because the owner had to go to a family member’s funeral. After this contact with Hatay we started the day in the same chai garden of yesterday to get some fresh air and chat. We called Izzet and he was very happy to hear from us and we set a date with him at 18h at the hotel. At one thirty, Mehmet called us and we invited him to the garden. When he arrived we talked about many things and asked him if he would like to take us to the bookstore so that we can see where it is and to meet the owner. Mehmet, very helpful, took us there haappily. It took us a while to find the library, asking taxi drivers and other people, but we finally got there. You have to go down a staircase and we saw up front the books of The Message very visible. The bookstore is big and has a very good atmosphere. We asked to meet the owner and a woman took us to where he was. We introduced ourselves telling him who we were and giving him a calling card, thanks to Mehmet’s help, translating our English. He invited us to sit at a table and entertained us. We tried to ask him if we could set up a table with books and other things and if it were possible to distribute flyers inviting people on the street. But we couldn’t make ourselves understood. So we called Altug in Hatay who explained everything. Yüksel also intervened from Hatay and finally, Altug called us saying there was no problem and we could do as we wished.
So we said good-bye to the owner who is called Murat after taking some pictures of the place.

From there Mehmet took us to a very beautiful place because Lory wanted to eat something and, if possible, baklava. He knows people of the place and they were all very helpful so we had chai with baklava and other things until it was time to meet Izzet. Arriving at the hotel, he was waiting for us. A very lovely person, Ancient History professor. Mehmet said good-bye because he had things to do but said he would be back later. Izzet took us to the same Caravanserail we were in yesterday and took us to the cafe upstairs. Already on the streets we had a very animated conversation, in French and English about Neolithic times, which we continued at the cafe, passing through European History and other subjects. We also talked about Silo’s Message and our humanism which fascinates him. For him we are very good people and he expressed this with real emotion. He also told us that he has a project of writing 32 books which describe the history of humanity as a human process. We talked about this issue and everything was very interesting. At 20:30 he had to go pick up his wife and go home. He repeated various times that if we need his help we should not hesitate to call him. This after we told him what we intended to do in the morning. But at the end he invited us to his home tomorrow morning to have breakfast with him. He will prepare french cheese, eggs and other things. We told him that Kati will also be with us tomorrow and he said that there would be no problem, that the three of us should come. He explained which bus we should take. So we were all very happy. We said our good-byes in front of the restaurant which is open 24 hours and is pratically attached to the hotel, after having bought cherries which are especially good here.
Lory and peter ate at this restaurant and already coming in, everyone spoke English very well and we were well received. They treated us as a marvel and at the end someone asked us who we were and what we were doing in Diyarbakir so we told them about the Message and the book and gave them a calling card, Lory had in her purse. He was very happy. We told him that if after reading the flyer he is interested in the book, he should call us. We’ll see what happens.

We went back to the hotel and when we arrived Huseyin called us to say he was already in Diyarbakir, having just arrrived home and that he could come visit us in the hotel in 20 minutes. At the same time Mehmet arrived and we were all in front of the hotel, on benches which the hotel personnel put for us. There we were, eating cherries which we also offered to the personnel and everyone happy and joyful. We called Kati again who had already called us when she arrived in Batman and was on the bus to Diyarbakir and we agreed to pick her up at the bus terminal. We still had one hour so we went to our beautiful chai garden to have something to drink and chat. Arriving there a boy who works there asks us where we were from and when we said Holland, he started talking Dutch to us. Very funny.
At midnight we went by taxi to pick up Kati and we arrived just as the bus had arrived. Kati was very well and a group of young people were helping her. Kati told us that everyone was nice on the bus and helping her until she arrived.
So everything well and we went back to the hotel, dropping off Mehmet on our way since he was going home. We agreed to meet him tomorrow at 17h in front of the bookstore.
We finished the day with a chai at the hall of our hotel and also agreed to see Huseyin tomorrow.
We like Diyarbakir very much, people are amiable and attentive.
We thank Mehmet, Huseyin and Izzet for being so helpful and loving.

A big hug,

Lory, Kati, Huseyin and Peter

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