Today, July 6th in Gaziantep, book presentation of Silo's Message in Turkey

Hello friends,

today, July 6th, 2012 we began by presenting the Book in the same cafe as yesterday, the owner was very helpful and amiable. We could also put up a big poster. So a very good atmosphere in this place, which is so nice in the middle of Gaziantep.
In the morning Eduardo and Yuskel went to visit a big Alevi center close to the hotel and a socialist trade union which was also close to the hotel. In both places they were very well received and they left a book for the libraries. One of Zehra's friends is at the Alevi center and they talked on the phone for a while. They invited us to a sema (Alevi ceremony) this sunday. This would mean staying another day in Gaziantep. so we agreed that this invitation would be convenient only if we could do a Well Being ceremony with all those present. Tomorrow morning Eduardo and Yuksel will check if it's  possible.
From 16:30 on we organized the table, poster and materials and at the same time gave out flyers inviting people in the streets around the cafe (Papirus cafe). In the morning some of us had given flyers to all the persons in the cafe, helped by the owner.
Immediately some people came close and asked questions, while they looked at the book and read some passages. It was fine because our great friend Altug had arrived from Ankara in the morning. He was fantastic helping with translations all day as well as talking to those who were interested. Csefko also arrived from Hungary in the morning. So we have a very beautiful group of friends. 
At a certain point 2 of the 3 new friends from yesterday also came and started talking to the people who came to the table. A wonderful example was when a person asked if the book was a bible and they answered absolutely not, but they couldn't say what the book was about and it was better reading it.

A person who works in the cafe was very touched by the book and bought it. Another young persn said he would come later to participate in the ceremonies scheduled for 21:30, when the cafe closes- Again the owner gave us a place inside, which was very beautiful to do the meeting and we were very thankful.

After a day of many invitations and persons coming to the table, our 2 new friends and the young boy, who's name is Dogan and is an artist, a children entertainer. The words of the Healing of Suffering had touched him deeply and he liked the ceremonies as well, as did our 2 new friends. They expressed themselves very much and very sincerely and asked Well Being for some of their dear ones. Besides them we also sent well being for our dear friends. The funny thing was that during the ceremonies, there was music in the patio with a very quaint voice singing but it didn't bother us.

After the ceremonies we agreed with the owner we would come back on the day after to repeat the presentation in the same way and we went to eat, together with Dogan and our two friends Burhan and Taifik. He took us to eat kebab, which was very good and tasty. The conversations were great and very varied. We spent some very joyful moments which ended up in a place to eat Baklava which is an original pastry from Gaziantep. So everyone happy. Our 3 friends are coming back tomorrow to help.

Arriving at the hotel we talked about the next days to organize the few necessary things and... the light went out in the whole hotel. The personnel was very kind and soon arrived with gas lamps and flash lights and when we finished they took us to our rooms, leaving a candle in each one of them. But fortunately the light came back and we could write this report on the same day.

Tomorrow the story continues!

Un gran abrazo,

Altug, Csefko, Juli, Judit, Isabel, Lory, Y:uksel, Maribel, Peter and Eduardo

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