First day in Dyarbakir, July 8, 2012

Hello friends,

Today, july 8th, Lory and Meter travelled to Diyarbakir while our other friends went to Hatay. We decided to split so that we could receive Kati well tomorrow and Eliana on Tuesday in Diyarbakir. Our trip to Diyarbakir went well, although it was too hot. At the bus terminal, Mehmet, Huseyin’s friends, Kader’s brother, was waiting for us and took us to the hotel. Mehmet speaks enough English so we could talk easily.
At the hotel we were very well received and we set a date at 20h with Mehmet. He wanted to take us out to dinner. Mehmet arrived at this time, while Peter and Lory were having tea at the hotel lobby, at a table and chairs a man at the hotel arranged for us by his amiable initiative. People are very caring in Diyarbakir.

So we went with Mehmet who took us to a caravanserail of ancient times, where we met his friend Ahmed, the owner of a beautiful café, in the patio of the serail. Ahmed speaks English very well and we started talking right Hawai about Silo’s Message and the Book.
We had a delicious Kurdish coffee and decided to call Eduardo so that he could chat a little with our two friends. It was very much fun and a beautiful atmosphere was created, which is actually the same atmosphere which is created in all places. They treated us very well and we felt very much at home.
After this wonderful moment, Mehmet took us to a Kebab restaurant where we ate very well, everything was delicious and we drank Ayran comino directly from the country. Talking, we discovered that Mehmet is a very smart and sensitive person. We saw that he liked being with us more and moreand he asked when and where we would do ceremonies. We told him it could be tomorrow, anywhere which was quiet where he can take us and if he has friends who might be interested, he can invite him to get to know us. We’ll see tomorrow. We went back to the hotel at 23:30 and agreed to meet tomorrow at noon.
So our arrival in Diyarbakir went very well and we are very thankful for having been so well treated.
Unfortunately, we forgot to bring the camera, so there will be no pictures today.
We imagine our friends in Hatay will right their report.

A big and happy hug,

Lory and Peter

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