Batman, 17 july 2012

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We left for Batman (100 km from Diyarbakir) in the morning, invited by Umit, a doctor who has many contacts in Batman. Umit is one of the friends of Saadet, a Turkish friend who lives in Amsterdam and has met with Peter there.
She also has gotten to know the Message through Luis Carlos thanks to Facebook.
Therefore, we spent the day in Batman, a day organized by Umit. In the beginning we didn’t know anything about the program of the day and when we asked Umit if he can tell us more he answered: “Enjoy your day”.
We started by visiting Umit’s work colleagues in a hospital in Batman. After we went to “Jijo Café” to eat something

At 16h we went to Hasankeyf, a magnificent village on the shores of the river Tigris. We were enchanted with the landscape and colors which brought us to other times…
This moment passed in Hassankeyf gives us a charge of special and inspiring energy.

At night, at 20h we came back to Jijo Café. A presentation of the book of Silo’s Message was organized.
We found out then that the presentation was announced in 7 newspapers of the region.
Silo’s Message in the front page of the newspapers in Batman.
Eduardo and Huseyin presented the Book in front of some 20 people. In a very simple and warm atmosphere, they answered the questions of different people and then Huseyin proposed to share an experience of Well Being. A spirit is created and a joyful dynamics unites us.
This surprising night allowed us to meet new people and open possibilities of divulging the Message in Batman.

Maribel, Eliana, Huseyin, Yuksel, Deniz, Demet, Umit, Ceren, Alain, Christophe, Judith, Eduardo,  Balasz , Ana.


  1. Seguimos siguiendo el viaje !!! inspirador, encantador, gracias por compartir

  2. Muchas gracias amigos!! Es como El Mensaje mismo nos ha enviado mensajeros para abrir nuevas puertas.
    Os deseo una muy buena y inspirador continuacion!
    Un fuerte abrazo,

  3. Maravilloso todo, Peter, la gente, las posibilidades que se abren y los paisajes tan inspiradores que evocan los tiempos en que los dioses estaban cerca...

    Abrazos fuertes de Ángel

  4. Siento muy orgulloso Me pone muy contento ver
    Este es un gran ejemplo,
    Muchas gracias Peter Gracias por compartir con nosotros

    Un fuerte abrazo,
    Saadet Ozkaya