The first day in Van (19 July)

After a big breackfast we went to bookshop and we found the Silo’s Message just in the entrance between the «most sold». The owner invited us to the cafeteria at the third floor of the bookshop to drink chai (the) and so we spent two hours talking and drinking and preparing the presentation of the book in the afternoon.
Then we go to Mete’s Kebab to thanks him for organizing our arrival in Van and he offers us other chai and we talk and drink for another hour, then we just cross the street to go to eat!
and finally the siesta! but....
Not everybody likes the siesta, so we (Christof, Yuksel, and Federica) prefered to have a walk around, visiting the biggest Mosque and the municipality even if Federica and Christof were thinking they were entering in the press office of the city. There Yuksel starts to speack obviously in turkish and Fede and Christof couldn’t understand nothing but they were asking deeply inside that these people can help us to diffuse the Message and after a while Oktay arrived. He can speak english and looking to us he just asks « how can I help you?»
We start to explain a little bit that we are a group of europeans trying to present a book and, thinking we were in the press office, they can help us writing about on local newspapers and attend to the presentation.
Oktay answers that the municipality cannot support officially a spiritual book, but they can help personally. We went to his office, actually a very warm container after the hearthquake, and he phones to a journalist; in the mean time we were waiting for him, we could talk about the message, the internal energy and Parks. He looked like to be sincerely interested and, looking to the pictures of several Parks he said that we could have one in Van and he also said us about the opportunity to get a field near the lake from the municipality for free.
When the journalist arrived they organized to press an article about the book in 5 little local newspapers, a bigger one and also to transmit the news on the local TV.
We invited Oktay to join us for the ceremonies in the evening and we left for the bookshop very enthusiastic and deeply thanking that our asking was accomplished.
Then we joined the others in the bookshop where we could knew and talk with other interesting people and we start to sell some books.
Only Oktay join us for the ceremonies but this is just the first day and it was great!!!!!

Christof, Yuksel, and Federica

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