Report 31 july and 1 august


Wednesday was another very full and intense day for us: in the morning we had our nice habitual walk through Kadikoy with Isabel, while Eduardo and Judith went to their nice bar by the sea in Moda.
In the afternoon, while Judith and Julie were preparing a typical Ungarian meal for us and our guests, we met with a professional cameraman that Isabel contacted to record an interview with Eduardo as part of the production: “A meeting with a remarkable man”  that Cata is making in Chile to find out more about Silo and his works thanks to his followers memories.
We did it on the rocks by the sea and it was very special both for me and Isabel because we felt transported into another space of our conscience following Eduardo’s speech.
The cameraman was really professional and nice; so we decided to invite him for dinner at our place. The house was full when we arrived: Katibe, Yigit, Sena and Ebru were already there;  after a while Gonca and Ana joined us. What I am starting to find very interesting about these “dinner meetings” is to see that our Turkish friends are starting to become friends with each other; they create little groups of interchange with each other and when there is an English or Spanish speaker among them, they ask us some questions about our Message.

When everybody left, Gonca asked if we could do some ceremonies and we did both the Service and the Well-Being. It was not the first time since I’d been here that somebody asks for the ceremonies as if it was something that was going together with any event that was happening in the house… that they call “Silo’s house” in such a nice way!
Thursday  the four of us went again to Burgasada  where we could both swim, sunbathe  and deepen into some topics by the sea.

In the evening Isabel prepared a good-by Italian meal for us because she and Judith would have flight back the next day. Julie and Husseyin were invited and Katibe and Jonturk joined us for the sweet.
It seems that they are looking for our company and look at us as their friends. Especially  Katibe who is very new, has been coming nearly every day and before leaving, she fixes an appointment for the next time! Both of them said they would like to go to Mikebuda for the fountain inauguration in September so we all hope to meet them again there!

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