Week past very fast at Istanbul

Dear Friends!

The week past very fast, with meeting with friends and farewell, which I experienced not so easy, but I get use to it. Istanbul is really a big transit! But noone can leave without important experiences, at least this is what I have experienced in these days.
So except of hot, I really enjoy the time here. I'm studying something everyday and I started to study soome turkish and try to find out my daily surviving routins as well. Interesting!
This week our flat was full with guests. It was nice, but I felt I need some rest now! I always find myslef cooking and hosting people, which I like but sometimes too much. But here they are doing the people always and permanent!

So yesterday I decided to phone some of our turkish friends to inite them for our weekly meeting for today. I contacted everybody whom I got to know in the last some weeks. To be honest I wasn't so hopefull about it, because I knew most of the people are on holiday or planing to go for a holiday. But I could talk to some friends. It was nice anyway and I felt very good after! Today we had a quite busy day at home with some guests again, but than we went to the salita with Hüseyin and slowly people arrived. At the end there were Canan, Ahmet, Ufuk, Gonca, Iyit, Jöntürk, Hüseyin and me.
There we started with making cay and having some chats. Than we both the airplain ticket for Canan to Budapest for the inaguration of the Fontain in Mikebuda Park. Iyit helped to buy it on the aircompany's website. Finally we could manage it! Juhu!:) She is coming to Budapest!:) Than Jöntürk arrived very tired and he asked to make ceremonies. Before doing it I asked them if they would like to read the part from the Book, of Guidence to the Inner Road. So we did. Than Hüseyin mentioned some other books from Silo related to this topic and gave a little context about this allegoric way of expression.  Than we made a Service and a Well-Being and the turkish ceremony.
After that Canan, Ahmet and Ufuk left. We stayed in the kitchen with Gonca, Jöntürk, Iyit, Hüseyin and me and an incredible chat has started.

I can not really tell everything but we touched some points with interesting experiences with the "something "than about Silo, and than the quantum physics and many things about the energy, the coherence, the death and life, the importance of having experiences. It was very inspiring for all of us!
In a certain moment I felt really greatfull for this moment, to be together with these people in this little kitchen in Asia. With these friends. I felt that I found friends here whom we can share our ideas and experiences about the most important things in this life.
big hugs,

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