Hozat (Tunceli Festival) 28 July

We (Federica, Yüksel, Eduardo, Paolo, Christophe, Marco) have to wake up really early in the morning to be at the bus station at 8 a.m. and once arrived we have to wait more then one hour for the bus that at the end we couldn’t take. anyway we were in time to reach Hozat for the breackfast offered by the organizer of the dersim festival in a new park of the village.

Hozat is a very little village completely besieged by militars where it was set the exhibition of the massacre of 1938 (the turkish army killed about 60000 allevian people and this violent occupation was asserted by changing the name of Dersim to Tunceli). 
We went there not only to attend to the festival but also to visit Nanli and her family. She is a very kind lady who once participated to a message’s weekly meeting in Ankara and who invite us for a wellbeing in her house cause she feels depressed.

Also Ozan Zeynep and Zehra came with us and Ozan help us for the traslation. We made firstly an office and then the wellbeing with all the family, but before she explains us her mental state, the anguish, the fear that something orrible could happen to her sons and grandchildrens. For us it was not difficult to understand her mood since from her balcony you just see the barrack and the military presence influence the atmosphere of all the village.

The cerimonies were hold by Zehra and they were bot deeply affecting all of us, but the most important was the changing of Nanli’s face and she tells us that she will continue with the cerimonies and also the possibility to use on little abitation in front of her house as a «salita».

After the cerimonie we enjoy a very traditional dish, called something like «sir».

Later we could have a little stand in the main street of the village next to the place of the concert. We could make some contacts but the most important was the deepening relation and talks that we could have with Zeynep and Fuat. At a certain time they where discussing between them about the principles and Paolo remarked as this is the perfect way for the free interpretation of the message. Fuat finally bought the book.

All of them live in Istanbul and we whish that they will contribute the  Message comunity of Kadikoy.

The day in Hozat with these new friends finished dancing parisans songs.

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  1. Hi friends,

    Thanks a lot for this storyand experience in Hozat. Beautiful and very touching. So good to see Zehra in the photos. She is one of our friends in Ankara and very active with the Message there.

    Big hug to all of you,