Hello friends,

Today Eduardo had a meeting with Sena, a contact from the Spanish table here in Ankara. We met at 6:00 p.m. at Hacibaba Café and talked a lot. She is very open, has had some painful experiences and has been looking, for the past two years, for things to improve her inner life, with some practices of yoga and internal silence. So she understood very well what we said about the inner life of the human being. She said she was going to buy the book of the Message at a bookstore and wants to come to a meeting of ceremonies. Next Wednesday she won’t be able to come though. She was very happy with the hour and a half during which we talked and there is already a beautiful emotional connection with her. She speaks English very well, as well as Japanese, since she is studying Japanese history. 

While we were talking to her, Zehra called saying she was just leaving her job at the Alevi association so we invited her to join us. At 7:30 pm, just as Sena was leaving, Zehra told us we had to go home because Murat would be coming with his friends. So we went towards home but, on the way, Murat called Zehra to say they had changed their plans since his friend had to go back home to take care of his little brother. 

So we changed image and proposed Zehra to do a Turkish-English learning exchange. And so, for 2 hours, Eduardo and Peter learnt many languages and phrases frequently used in conversation. Zehra is a great teacher, very patient and willing to teach us conversation. Of course, this was all accompanied by çay and biscuits. In the middle of the “lesson” a new friend of Zehra’s called Huseyin called to say he was coming to Ankara on the following days. We talked a little on the phone, he speaks English well. He wants to meet us soon.

At 9:30 Zehra had to go home so we took her to the metro and then we went to buy tickets for Eduardo who is going back to Istanbul tomorrow night.
It was a very nice day and tomorrow we will have another Turkish lesson with Aylin at 5:00 pm. At 7:00 pm we want to go to the Spanish table which is right close to home.

 That’s it for now.

A big hug,
Eduardo and Peter