Today, February 8, 2013 – in Ankara

Hello friends,
Today we had a meeting of experiences. We were Yüksel, Zehra, Huseyin, Aylin and I.
I had the idea of beginning with a very slow reading of “The Path” to give time for reflection. So I proposed this and that Huseyin read, which he did very well. The atmosphere changed and grew and everyone connected. Almost at the end, the doorbell rings and Aylin came in very quietly and respectfully until we finished the reading and reflection.

After we did a service, very well led by Zehra who was already very centered with the reading of the Path. Before doing the Well Being we cleared that it was very good to ask and send well being for our loved ones. We commented that those who have problems of mental suffering need peace and well being more than anyone, in the sense of lots of affectionate warmth and that physical problems need energy to heal. That it is important to really feel these persons who are suffering, with a register of compassion and after configuring this image of the person in a better state for them. We explained that if we feel the person very close, and send them the best we can, we also feel lots of inner well being and force. Huseyin translated everything very well and everyone was attentive and connected. We asked for Canan’s daughter, for Aylin who wants to leave behind negative experiences from her past and enter in a very positive register of the future, and for Zehra, Fatosh her husband, lots of well being and reconciliation. They also wanted to ask for my health because they noticed I had a strong cough. It was very welcome.

Aylin guided the ceremony, very well and connected, really transmitting a connection which helped us get in touch with the askings. 

In the end, the atmosphere was very soft and of real bonding among those present. Huseyin wanted to comment his experience with the service which gave the me the opportunity of helping a bit more with how to place one’s self in the work with the sphere, always concentrating on the expansion without attaching one’s self to the images or other registers which arise, always keeping attention on the sensation of the sphere. It was very timely since we were only with friends who have done ceremonies many times. There was lots of connection and interest there as well.
From then, we talked about how to take the experience to others in daily life and why it was important to do so, relating it to principle 10 and the unity between what one thinks, feels and does. Like a conscious effort that makes our actions not just mechanical. And that growing inner freedom is related to this effort. It was all very nice, with an atmosphere of closeness and attention. I think that something good happened.

All this, readings, ceremonies and later exchange, lasted one hour and a half and at 9:45 p.m. we had another chai in the kitchen and talked more. With Zehra, I agreed that we would help each other practice English and Turkish and with Aylin the same, we will meet next Wednesday at 5:00 p.m., before the weekly meeting. I told them you would be here next Wednesday and everyone was happy.
Huseyin later told me that he had learned a lot but not painfully (for the effort) by having translated all the comments during the meeting to help deepen the experience. He was quite happy.
I hope that during this visit we will be able to connect more deeply and that something important happen to them internally and in connection to everyday life.
Anyways, we need more people that are really moved by the Message. I don’t know how to go about this yet. I have some contacts from October and we’ll see what happens with them. Also Bertüg, one of the students we met in Antalya who studies in Ankara and wants to meet us. I’ve had some contact with him on Facebook. Now he is in Antalya because they are on vacation, but he will be back on March 4th and is enthusiastic about meeting us. It’s nice that he knows what it is about and bought the book in Antalya. We’ll see in March how it continues. 

A big hug,

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