Today, March 14, 2013 in Ankara

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Hello friends,

Today, March 14th was the last day of Peter and Lory’s stay in Ankara and a very lovely day.
We had dates with Mehtap and Sena at Hacibaba Cafe at seven and eight in the evening.
Before this, we sent a message to Murat to know how he was and if he wanted to come to Hacibaba as well. Ten minutes before leaving, Murat called to say he wanted to pass by our house with Ayca and Asli and we told him we were on our way out and invited him to Hacibaba Cafe.
When we arrived at the Cafe, it was full, but Raif, a waiter and friend, asked us to wait for 5 minutes that he would go inside and look for a table. Mehtap and her friend (whose name, unfortunately, we can’t remember, were waiting and soon after another friend of Mehtap’s arrived. A very nice girl called Ögün, which means heart. Soon they found a table for 5 for us in the back terrace. So we went there and quickly started to talk about how we felt and talking of interiority and the importance of being able to express how one feels. It was very beautiful. Ögün and the friend wanted to know about the Message and the ceremonies so we talked about that. It was all very relaxing and Mehtap translated. All three of them will go to the meeting next Wednesday.

Sena came at eight and she was very happy to see us and to meet other friends. Peter talked with her a lot, also about experiences and change, while Lory talked to Ögün with Mehtap translating. It was very beautiful, we were all happy in a very happy and connected atmosphere.
At 8:45 pm Murat arrived with Ayca and Asli, the three glad to see us. We continued talking while Mehtap’s friend had to go. Asli said that the Message is very good and she liked it a lot. Sena was glad to meet other friends with whom she could talk to openly.
Peter went to Mehdi’s house at ten. He was waiting there because he couldn’t go to the Cafe. With hugs we transmitted positive charges among each other we said good-bye. Lory stayed with our friends until eleven thirty. At a certain point, while reading coffee grounds for others, like we do here, doing divinations. They had lots of fun. Also Sena, Murat, Ayca and Asli confirmed they will be at the Wednesday meeting. Tomorrow we will pass all of the names to Yüksel so he can keep the house open.

Peter arrived at Mehdi’s and showed him the pictures at Hacibaba Cafe and talked a little about those there.
Then we had a great conversation, deepening the issue of the healing of suffering. Mehdi was reading the text of the 1969 speech, which he liked very much. We had çay and ate fruits and talked more and more. It was great. Mehdi will also continue going to the weekly meetings.

So, in this last day we met 6 friends and 2 new friends, having lots of time and giving us the opportunity to strengthen and deepen the relations among us and themselves. We are very happy.
Tomorrow Yüksel and Murat are coming home to take us to the metro so we can go on our trip back to Istanbul.

In general, in this long stay in Ankara gave us many new experiences and the chance to meet new and beautiful friends. We are very happy with the atmosphere being created by everyone and we will surely continue comunicating from afar and we are confident they will continue with the weekly meetings. Everyone knows Dennis and Christophe are coming to Ankara in mid-April.

Clicking on the photo, today’s photo album will open.
A big hug to everyone,
Lory, Yüksel, Mehdi, Murat, Ayca, Asli, Mehtap, Sena and Peter

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