Wonderful days in Ankara with friends, March 9, 10, 11, 2013

Hello friends,

In the last days, March 9, 10, 11 we met with Aylin, Mehdi and Yüksel in different situations and we had a long conversation with Murat on facebook, since he was sick at home. These days were rich in conversations, exchange of cultural and historical information, especially about Iran, of music and tales about Mevlana Rumi, Shams of Tabriz and much laughter in relaxing atmospheres among friends at Mehdi’s place, Hacibaba Cafe, at The Others Cafe and in a beautiful park called Alti Park. All these situations gave us a lot of opportunities to deepen our human relations among ourselves and reinforce our friendship.
Many intangible things happen, that are difficult to described but are felt by all. It goes from eye to eye, heart to heart, producing joy and intense connection.

Today we managed to talk to Sena, a very nice person, in contact with Eduardo from the Ankara Spanish table. We are going to meet next Thursday at 8:00 pm in Hacibaba Cafe and surely other friends will also come, since it will be our last day in Ankara.
Tomorrow there will be another meeting with Mehdi, Aylin, Yüksel and who knows maybe some others, Wednesday in the weekly meeting of the Message.
We’ll tell more!

Here are some pictures of today. Unfortunately, we forgot to bring the camera.
A big hug to all,
Lory, Aylin, Mehdi, Yüksel and Peter

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