4th of May Celebrating Silo's first public speech

On the 4th of May, we gathered in the salita with some old and new friends, Turkish and others from different countries were present. We were about 12 people. We started from 19.00 pm. Prepared some cookies and cay. In a certain moment when we were together in the salita one of our Turkish friend was reading the speech in Turkish. After some technical struggle we could manage to watch the video and listen the speech given by Silo, in Spanish. Later we had some very unique moments what made me think that there is still a lot to understand and deepen experiences about this speech and the Message.
At late we made some ceremonies and spent nice moments together and we have faced some great difficulties as well.

Finally today, with the help of some friends we have the video, subtitled in Turkish.

Túrkce altyazili izdirabin tedavisi


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