Teaching Spanish - Ankara, October 19, 2012


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Hello friends,

this morning, Nacho and Carlos went to the city center to get in touch with its tones, ways, etc. After they went up on a hill where there was some kind of castle with old walls, from where part of the city can be seen from above. Later they went to the museum of civilizations, which although it is being restored and only half of it is open, shows they very rich and ancient human presence in this area.
When they came back home, they met with Peter and Eduardo who dedicated the day, together with Yuksel to fix some things with the gas and other fixtures in the house. At six in the afternoon, Eduardo, Nacho and Carlos went to visit Altug and went with him to a student neighborhood where there was a meeting. The meeting was of a group of students who meet in order to speak Spanish "the language of Cervantes". There were a sum of 30 people in a very big table, most of whom were Spanish students.but also people working in Latin American embassies and us...
We started talking and helping to talk and it was easy to talk about our issues when they asked what we were doing in Turkey, you can only answer. And of course we commented about the book presentation
tomorrow. Many did not really care but 3 were clearly interested and left their phone numbers and we agreed to see them tomorrow.. It was two intense hours where we talked with mmany people, since it is a
custom that people change seats to talk to the others
We came home  late, so with this was our last activity of the day.

Peter, Nacho, Eduardo and Carlos

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