Today in Ankara, October 18, 2012

Hello friends,
Today, October 18th was a day full of good things.
It all started in the morning at 11:30 when we went out to buy gas, deposit some money in the bank and buy bus tickets for the trip back to Istanbul next Sunday and Monday.
After having fixed these 3 domestic things, Peter called Aylin and they agreed to meet for chai in Kizilay. We met at 13:00 and her friend Emine, whom we know very well, was also there about to start her job at the Ardiz cafe. Emine was very happy to see us. After some words and hugs she went off to work and Aylin, Eduardo, Carlos, Huseyin, Nacho and Peter went to a place with an indoor garden they had been to many times. We had chai and something to eat and we talked to Aylin in a happy mood, with good humor and, of course, lots of laughter. Aylin talked to friends on the phone and we couldn’t understand anything but soon she said we were going to Yüksel’s office to have coffee and chai. So, off we went and when we arrived we found Yüksel, his friend Neyla and Reyhan. Reyhan was very happy to see us and Yüksel tells us that Neyla will come to the salita/house this Saturday for some Kurdish food. Later he tells us that another 20 friends were coming if it was OK. We said of course, so we will do a Book presentation and ceremonies.
In the meantime, a very beautiful situation was created in the office, with Reyhan who made some very good chai and coffee for us and super good sweets and again we talked a lot and laughed a lot and were in a good mood, learning more and more Turkish and, in their case, English. At a certain moment, Reyhan’s couple, Yilmaz arrived and we found out it was his birthday, so we exchanged hugs and our best wishes for his new year in life. He is a musician and singer and plays the Sas, a string instrument here. We continued talking and had fun and good vibes.
After a while Huseyin left with Yilmaz to the house/salita to speak with him more calmly and later, at around 17:00, we also left, knowing that Reyhan would come over later. Eduardo had spoken to Altug on the phone to meet in Kizilay. So, Yüksel and Eduardo went back to Kizilay whereas Carlos, Nacho and Peter went back home. In front of the house, we met Yilmaz who told us he was going to fetch his music instrument and would be back.
In the house, Huseyin tells us that we will celebrate Yilmaz’s birthday, with food and cake. We called Eduardo to tell him, so Eduardo, Yüksel and Altug also come back. Reyhan arrives and Huseyin gathers some money to buy food and Yüksel goes out shopping. In the meantime we had chai and talked, in the kitchen and the living room, about the meaning of nonviolence and the sense of Silo’s Message. It was also very beautiful. And then Aylin arrived. So we were 10 persons. Yüksel and Reyhan prepared delicious food and at around 21:30 we all ate and everything was fine and dandy. After the food, Aylin and Reyhan prepared cake in the kitchen with candles and everything. They came in with the lights out, carrying the cake, to Yilmaz’s great surprise. There is some kind of tradition here, Yilmaz making a wish while he blew the candles and after Reyhan fed him a little piece of cake while we applauded.
Of course, we asked Yilmaz for a small concert. He is a very sensitive person and he played and sang with interiority. We were very thankful and he was also very happy. Soon after his friend, Fatima, arrived when she found out he was celebrating his birthday at the house/salita.
At it was almost 23:00. A day with friends and new friends, a small marathon, a trip across human landscapes and inner landscapes, weaving everything in luminous energies and atmospheres.
We were all very happy and tomorrow we’ll see how it goes.
Saturday, Carlos has a meeting with a university professor at 14:30. Huseyin is going with him.
There will also be a new meeting about the Book at 14:00.
This is it for now. If you click on the picture above, you will see many pictures of today.
A big hug to all,
Huseyin, Yüksel, Aylin, Altug, Reyhan, Yilmaz, Eduardo, Carlos, Nacho and Peter

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