Today in Ankara, October 15, 2012

Hello friends,

Yesterday, Sunday, was a day for rest and Peter stayed at home reading and studying materials and other things.
Today, October 15th, Aylin came to pick up Peter at 14:30 so they could go together to Yüksel’s office. Reyhan, who also works with Yüksel, was there as well. Reyhan was very happy to see us and we had chai and sweets and talked for 3 hours in a very relaxed and beautiful atmosphere. It was pratically a learning exchange of Turkish (Peter) and English (Aylin and Reyhan). A very dynamic exchange where we understood each other better and better, sometimes helped by the dictionary.
Reyhan is a very nice person and is an academic ceramics artist. We also talked about that and the big problems artists of this world have in Turkey, where politicians aren’t very interested in supporting artists.
At 16:45, Aylin had to go give another photography class to 20 students and we agreed to see each other later in Kizilay. We continued talking Reyhan and Peter until 18:00. There were wonderful books of ancient art of different times and archaelogical objects in Yüksel’s office. So we looked at some of them and Reyhan explained what they were about.
We left at 18:00 and walked part of the way together until we reached the big Mosque where Peter headed towards home.
In the meantime Handan called, also to meet at Kizilay. So we met at 19:30 in front of the IMGE bookstore. Handan’s friend, Ayhan, the scientist also came. We went to eat together in a lovely place further down. Aylian and Ayhan who hadn’t went talked about the importance of positive thinking because it always leads to good things, whereas the opposite happens with negative thinking. We also talked about the importance of an inner change because if not everyone will continue creating problems for themselves and other, producing suffering and violence. Handan and Aylin expressed they wanted to change and recognized the importance of growing in a coherent and unifying direction. We also talked about the presentation of the Book scheduled for November 3 at the Babil cafe and about the testimonies we could have.
It was all very beautiful. Again Ayhan invited us to his home one of these days. We’ll see when it will happen.
At 21:30 we headed towards Kizilay, Ayhan and Aylin, to take a bus to go home and Handan and Peter continued towards Kolej. There was lots of joy all the time and a good sense of humor and lots of laughter. Handan told Peter about a place in Ankara, after a mountain where there is a lake. We will go there next Sunday.
Talking all the while, Handan told a very funny story and we all laughed a lot, we arrived to the Kolej metro and we said our good-byes until tomorrow afternoon.
It was a very happy day and rich in relationships which are more and more relaxed and at the same time close, we feel each other reciprocally. Trust grows and opens doors. This makes everyone happy and everyone feels energized.
Tomorrow we will visit Mehtap’s office once again and we’ll see how the day goes on filling itself.

A big hug to everyone,
Aylin, Handan and Peter

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