Hello friends,

Today we went to pick up Omar and Cynthia at their hotel and took them to Kadikoy close to the salita since the house was full with Nacho,Hüseyin, Juli y Tzvia.
Soon we met to eat some fish (balik ekmek), very cheap, in a magnificent sunny day and we waited for Tzvia who was late. 
When we reached home, Ozan had arrived and was talking with Hüseyin, Juli and Nacho. Çanan (artist) called, warnng us she would be late due to traffic and  Jönturk wasn't here.
So when we arrived from the airport, we had tea and prepared everything for the ceremonies.
We did them in Spanish and Turkish, everything very well, very calm, with meaning. Afterwards, we had dinner together, sharing a meal prepared by Hüseyin y Juli.
So I am sending some pictures of the beautiful day which was today. Maybe Nacho will also send some pictures of this sunny day.

Tomorrow we agreed to go for a walk and meet new people we don't know yet and in the afternoon we will do a ceremony with the artist who will also invite some other friends of hers. 

A big hug,

Eduardo, Nacho, Huseyin y Juli