Today in Ankara, October 12, 2012

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This morning, at 11:00, Yüksel, Eduardo and Peter went to Mehtap’s office. She had invited us to have lunch together. We took a minibus in Kizilay which took 30 minutes to reach 100 Yil neighbourhood. When we went inside the Bank office we saw Mehtap sitting behind a table and she quickly came to say hello to us and to take us to her table.
We sat down and Mehtap quickly organized chai for us. She was very happy she could welcome us in her office and we talked for a while because she had to stay there until 13:30. A while later, a very nice
woman arrived who had to deposit some cash and we saw Mehtap at work, taking care of the lady who’s name, we later found out was Bilge. We started talking to her and she told us she worked for 30 years in the Voice of Turkey, which transmitted in 30 languages. She was in charge of Greek since when she was young she lived close to a Greek island and there she went to school. This woman was so nice, so happy, we were enchanted by her and when she asked what we were doing in Ankara, Mehtap told her about the Message. She was very open, so we invited her to come to Mehtap to the meeting next Wednesday. The two of them made arrangements and we gave Bilge our calling cards and then it was time to eat. One of Mehtap’s colleagues asked if she could join us and of course yes. So we went to a restaurant close by with a terrace, we ate well and talked to each other and to her colleague, who is called Demet.

At 14:30, Mehtap took us to the bus stop and we said good-bye and were all very happy.

Back at home, Saniye called at 15:00, to tell Peter she already was in Kizilay. So Peter went off to meet her. After various calls and communication and with the help of two young people who talked to her, we managed to meet and went to a terrace to have chai and chat. Saniye is a good friend of Suhela, a friend of Yüksel. We started talking in Dutch, which was a new experience being in Ankara, talking to a Turkish lady who speaks perfect Dutch. The contact was immediately good, easy and with good emotions. We chatted about our lives for a while and then Peter showed her the book and the Comments and we talked about Silo’s Message connecting it to today’s world, talking about current events and going back to the Book and so forth. At 16:30, Saniye had to go back home to prepare dinner for her daughter and before leaving, she invited us to go to her house next week to eat
and meet other friends. She also said she could organize a meeting in her house to talk about the Message. It was all very relaxed. Peter gave her the book and she asked how much it cost and he said she could have it. So she said that when she finished it, she would give it back. So Peter told her that it could be that she would not want to give it back and she replied that if that were the case, she would pay for it.
We said our good-byes warmly and agreed she would call to set  the visit. A reciprocal transmission was produced.
Back home, Yüksel arrived so that we could go to Babil cafe to talk to the owner about the possibility of  organizing a Book presentation.
Handan also called, she was close to the house and we waited for her to arrive. So the four of us went to Babil café where we had chai and a very good salep, while we waited for the owner. An hour later, while we were talking, first to one of Handan’s friends, who she met at the table next to the one we were sitting at,  who met a former student of  his. We  invited both to our table. Shortly after, the owner arrived, his name is Yunus Topal and he is a very nice guy. He is a photographer, journalist and works at a Ministry. The conversation was very easy and quickly it was evident we could do the presentation and that he would call the press and his circle of friends and clients. Of course, on our part, we will invite anyone we can, it is a good occasion for everyone to invite friends and family. The presentation was set for Saturday, November 3rd at 17:00 hours.  Eduardo, Christophe, Denis, Manuela and Tommaso will be here on that date. So we left and were all very happy, already imagining how to do the presentation with testimonies froom our Turkish friends and including a ceremony with all those present.
It was a very happy day with multiple meetings with new person.
Eduardo and Peter ended the day with some good food and delicious roasted chestnuts.

A big hug to all,

Eduardo, Peter, Mehtap, Handan, Yüksel

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